Best of Halifax 2012…

So… for the last few days on the “Curtains are Open” Facebook page (click here if you’re not following me), I’ve asked folks to vote for me as the “best blogger” for The Coast’s “Best of the Halifax 2012″… a local “competition” that chooses all the “bests” in Halifax.

It begs to question: Am I the Best?

Probably not. I mean… how exactly does one get to be the BEST at anything. Me… I’m mediocre at a lot of things… but the best?

I’m a good mom…  I make a ton of mistakes and ask for forgiveness on a regular basis but lucky for me… I’ve three. That way, when I mess up with one… I can fix it for the others! Nope… definitely not the best!

I was a good wife… managed the house and fired a pot roast on the table at the end of the week. I was patient, encouraging, thoughtful… but we all know how that one ended so the best?… nope… definitely wasn’t the best at that.

Best friend? Nope… the girls I hang out with have that covered.

Best at a sport? Never. Picked last in gym class time and time again for those damn hips that wouldn’t allow me to run or bend or stretch. Definitely not the best at sports.

Best daughter?… sister?… well… since there’s only one of me then quite potentially I’ve that one in the bag but if compared to other daughters or other sisters… nope… not the best.

Hmmmmm…. I make a WICKED chocolate chip cookie and can mix a MEAN rum and coke but does that make me the best? To be honest, I’d say Betty Crocker’d give me a run for my money on that one… that woman knows her rum!

Best dog owner… I never walk her.

Best gardener… did you see my lawn?

Best employee… prefer working for myself.

Best student… definitely not!

Best baton twirler, computer programmer, piano player, organ grinder, singer, song writer, cook, gymnast, Formula One racer, stamp collector, decorator… nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

The thing is… I’m not the best… at anything really. I’m good at a lot… half decent, mediocre, so-so, meh?… but THE BEST… probably not but here’s the thing…

I REALLY want one of those little signs that I can hang in my bathroom that claims “Best of Halifax 2012” and since there’s not a competition for “Mediocre of Halifax 2012” do me a favour… vote for me here!

Seriously… all you have to do is sign up, fill out the survey and answer at least ten questions and when it gets to the blogger category (a few pages in)… just type “Curtains are Open!” Easy as that! Between you and me, we’ll know it’s not true… chances are there’s far better bloggers… far better writers… people who tell it funnier… sappier… more intelligent… and know all their grammar rules but still… do me a favour… tell them it’s me!

And for the record, if they had a “best reader” category… I’d pick you!!!

(PS… If you’re trying to answer the questions on Best Spa, Best Real Estate Agent, Best Gym, Best Trainer and Best Car Dealership… check out the advertisements on the right side of the blog. I think they’re the BEST in Halifax!!)

(PPS… If you’re looking for the best bloggers in Halifax who I follow on a regular basis… check out the “Blogs I Follow” page at the top of my blog.)

(PPPS… If you’re a local blogger and think I should be following you and adding you to the list of blogs I love… let me know!)