Back to school…

I used to love “back to school”… gone were the summer days of trying to come up with something… anything… to keep my kids busy as I’d heard the “I’m boreds” so many times I’d near gone mad by mid-July!

September brought back routines and shepherd’s pie… new school supplies, the latest styles and chocolate chip cookies on the table when the day was done.

I absolutely loved the kids heading to the classroom and time to myself to get the house in order… peruse through Fall cookbooks… wash the floors as the breeze flowed through.

I was the dancing momma on the first day of school… a smile spread wide as I kissed the darlings with their too full backpacks knowing there was a cup of tea awaiting at home.

September was my favorite month.

And here it is… but I’m not quite ready.

It doesn’t help that I see my kids about half the time in the summer months… taken up with Summer camp and vacation with their father… time with their friends and “every second weekends” which roll into not near enough time to get tired of hearing the “I’m boreds.”

On top of that… my own class schedule is looming over my head and much as I look forward to seeing folks I haven’t seen for a few months… there’s a knot in my neck knowing that in a very short few days, I’m going to be rushing and running while trying to fit in hockey tryouts, riding, homework and workouts… and the thought is daunting at best!

Summer is over and there’s no time to bask in the crisp clean air. No time for making casseroles or purging the closets. I won’t be putting my feet up with a smile on my face as the kids head back to school as I’ve classes to head to and a whack of things on my calendar about to explode.

Knowing I got through last year in one piece (though that’s debatable at best) is encouraging… but this summer was lazy… the weather was amazing… it was far too short…

and there weren’t nearly enough “I’m boreds” for it to be done.

How are you feeling about Summer coming to an end?
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5 Replies to “Back to school…”

  1. This is the first year that I'm not doing the "They're going back" dance too! Maybe because my baby is off to junior high…just not looking forward to moving ahead this year. I guess we will adjust. Best of luck to you! TLH

  2. I am not doing the dance at all! This is Lahna's first year of school and I am hiding from her how nervous I am, reassuring her everything will be all right! I am looking forward to the routine, and am hopefully going to be an organized mom, even though I work! Wish me luck!

  3. @TLH… can't believe how fast they are growing up! Hard to believe our two youngest are starting Junior High… my heart aches just a little.

    @Lisa… Lahna has been ready for school for a long time! She will thrive in her environment and you'll finally have a little bit of Mommy time! Enjoy.

  4. I LOVE fall. I LOVE back to school. I even loved it when I was going to school. And I even love it now, when there is no one in my family going to school. I think I am just conditioned to feel a sense of relief and excitement for getting back to routine and the newness.