A cut above…

My girlfriend, Gib, explained to her girls that their grandma was sick. But it wasn’t until Grandma lost her hair, that it really hit home for Abby.

And she just had to see it!

So… when Grandma wore her pretty scarf, Abby tried to peek in through the sides. And when Grandma gave her those wonderful hugs, Abby “accidentally” bumped the headdress in the hopes it would tumble off.

Her questions were endless. Her Grandma had cancer. There was nothing she could do… or was there?

Three years ago, as her Grandma removed the scarf to show Abby her lack of hair… while it grew in soft wisps then lovely curls… Abby made a promise.

She grew her hair.

And today, while her mom and Grandma stood proudly by, she cut it off… donating her locks to “Wigs for Kids”… a company that provides wigs to children who’ve lost their hair due to medical reasons.

As Abby held her breath… proud as could be and announcing she was ready… a ponytail holding 12 inches of hair was cut then placed in her hands so she could see exactly what she’d done.

Heading into HS Studio Salon
The cut!
The donation!
The hug!
The pride.

Because even through all the questions, all the unknowns and all the fear… it turns out there was something she could do.

And she did it.

For Grandma.

3 Replies to “A cut above…”

  1. This is a beautiful story. So, so beautiful! I love that she can take cancer and make it into something that she can be proud of.