Keeping kids safe…

I know it’s not a competition…we all have our stresses and worries.

Someone’s having difficulty getting their kid to stay upon the potty and believe me, I know…it’s a miserable task…I’ve been there. Three times of begging…the odd celebration, more often than not…the disappointment of putting the diaper back on so they could wet it again.

It’s stressful.

It’s seriously not a competition.

I know that right now, at this moment, someone is dealing with tired eyes…unable to get it together as they’d been up all night. A crying child refusing to rest. The tears and tantrums…the screams and thrashing…and that’s just from Mom. I’ve been there, three times…begging and praying they’ll outgrow this stage faster than the one before as the exhaustion is simply unbearable.

Right now, this very moment, someone’s wiping crayon off the wall, dealing with a child who bites, one who whines, one who doesn’t share, refuses to walk and won’t stop climbing.

There’s a man right now putting bolts on the back of the dresser for fear their child will pull it down upon himself. When he’s done, he’ll attach those fancy drawer locks to the kitchen cupboards placing all the dangerous items up high, fill the outlets with those little plastic plugs, then wrap a pool noodle around the edge of the fireplace so his precious child won’t split his head on the edge of the hearth.

I know it’s not a competition…we all have stresses and worries when it comes to raising our children.

Keeping them safe.

But right now, at this moment, my kid is exploring Amsterdam…and I’d do anything to turn back time…so I could worry about the little things.

3 Replies to “Keeping kids safe…”

  1. She's going to be fine!! You know you have an INCREDIBLY responsible daughter. She would never put herself in a situation that was too uncomfortable or unsafe, even if others were!!

    Hugs from France from Fetus

  2. Ahhh Fetus sweetie, it's a mother's perogative to worry and while we raised the "Em & Em's" as best we could… knowing the amazing women you both turned out to be… we still can't help but panic… just a little.
    (For the record, I worry about you over there as well! But mostly, I'm thrilled for the adventures you're both taking… and I'm insanely, crazy proud.)

  3. Just catching up on the blog. I know the 'pool noodle' is because of us! The tape marks are still there. ha ha I can't imagine the mixed emotions you must have about your girl's adventure…I'd have them too…and jealousy to boot! TLH