Raylene Rankin…

You knew Raylene Rankin as the singer. Her beautiful voice bringing goosebumps to the surface. Her new album, “All the Diamonds,” just released this year.

Not me.

I knew her as a hockey mom.

We’d meet in the rink a few times a week to watch our boys. Two times we played on the same team and it would thrill me to be in her company.

She lit up when she watched her son on the ice but didn’t have a sweet clue what was happening. I remember the conversation of “why’d they blow the whistle!” “They were off side” I explained. “My God they’re just kids, I wish they’d just let them play” she replied!

She made me laugh.

In jeans and fisher knit sweater with a smile on her face…just as delighted to see me as I was to see her…she was my “hockey mom” friend.

And during one of the worst times in my life, while facing my divorce…she became more.

With an abundant amount of information to share as she once practiced Family Law…she grounded me. She calmed my fears. Made me see through all of the pain to clear a path to the other side. She held my hand…phoned me on the days I went to court, encouraged me…got me through.

And funny enough…I helped her too. While she’d an impeccable voice and amazing charm I had one up on her…she claimed I could “make a spreadsheet sing!”

We sat in front of the computer filling out projections for the restaurant she shared with her sisters…showing her how to make formulas and helping her rearrange columns…she thought I was brilliant. “Forget any of these numbers you’re looking at” she’d tell me followed by “my sisters will think I’m so smart when they see this!”

She was thrilled when my eldest was accepted to X. Even happier, when I returned to school myself. Thought it was great that I was trying out this “blog thing.”

She was genuine…encouraging…thoughtful.

You knew her as a singer…an exquisite voice that captivated the heart of Cape Breton but I knew her as a hockey mom. Proudly sitting in the rink and encouraging her son. Sitting side-by-side with the husband she adored.

I admired her…

I was lucky to have known her…

I will miss her…

She will rise again.

Listen to Raylene’s interview with Michael Enright in June of this year.

9 Replies to “Raylene Rankin…”

  1. Huge hugs and prayers for you, as you grieve the loss of a friend and someone the rest of the world knew as a voice of an angel. RIP Raylene xo

  2. Such a beautiful tribute for a great friend who will be missed by many – may we all leave such a legacy RIP Raylene

  3. You have once again given me goosebumps and brought me to tears. As a Cape Bretoner, we all liked to think we were siblings of the Rankin family and although I've never met her, I have always admired her. How lucky that you got to call her friend. May this angel with an angel's voice rest in peace. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. …kim

  4. I'm sorry for your loss -friendship like that is rare and to be cherished. Thank you for sharing that side of Raylene.

  5. thankyou for sharing a glimpse of your friendship with a woman who has inspired me and lifted my heart many times.

  6. I feel incredibly sad, not just because she’s left us, but also for not ever having had the chance to have known or met such a wonderful, beautiful and talented lady.