Fork you tooth…

Just a few questions…

1. How hard do you have to bite down on a fork to loosen a tooth?

2. When I’m always saying “for God’s sake use your fork”… why would one choose to finally use it whilst eating “Chicken Nuggets and Fries?”

3. What moron has their dentist on BBM Messaging?

Oh… the last one is me!

So… with a nervous call out of “Mom I did something to my tooth,” a quick explanation of how things went wrong, a wee calming of the nerves and a BBM message… things settled down in our house last night until we could head to the dentist this morning.

Seems Spiderman has an affinity for munching on forks. And now… a wiggly, sore tooth that apparently will heal itself over a few days after the confirmation of a “that’s pretty wiggly alright” from Dr. Quigley this morning. Followed by the grinding of dental tools… and a couple of Advil.

And yet… another disaster in our house is averted.

And from this point forward, I’m hiding all forks.

And only serving finger foods.

Oh… Thanks Dr. Quigley for answering my BBM last night… and dealing with Spiderman this morning! And convincing him to get a mouth guard for hockey.

Even though I might make him wear it at mealtimes as well!!!