Big Day Downtown – Biscuit General Store

Seriously… what’s a trip to Downtown Halifax without a visit to Biscuit General Store?

I’m not really sure what draws me in… but there’s something about the atmosphere… the general feel of the store and the people inside.
I’m not a shopper… of clothes at least. So the racks upon racks of fabulous fabrics don’t fully capture my heart and yet… they do. They’re beautiful… colour co-ordinated, funky… fun. It’s my favorite spot to take The Tall Blond shopping as she has the perfect body for each amazing dress and fabulous top.  
Me… I’m more about the “stuff.” The trinkets and oddities… the funny books and goofy gags. Biscuit General Store is simply overflowing and is typically my “go to” place for a wonderful gift. 
Oh… and there’s boots… and shoes… and scarves and hats and jewellery and the thing is… it’s just a treat on the senses from the front of the store to the wee little corner filled with discounts in the back. 
It oddly reminds my of my happy childhood… in the most grown-up way possible.

And for an added bonus… this time, while exploring the store and enjoying my visit I had the pleasure of meeting Meghan…one of the three esteemed bloggers from Fashion East… a photographic blog that chronicles the amazing trendsetters on the streets of Halifax!

Which I’ve never been in.

‘Cause I’m too busy buying trinkets!

Drop into Biscuit for all the new fashions. Meghan is busy unpacking box after box and filling the store with fabulous new items just in time for the most wonderful time of the year!

Visit Biscuit General’s website, follow them on Facebook or twitter @BiscuitGeneral, for all the latest styles. While you’re at it… check out @FashionEastHfx, for a little extra inspiration!

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