Best of Halifax…

TWO, not one but TWO “Fashion Blogs” placed before me in The Coast’s “Best of Halifax” awards…but yup, I came THIRD!!!

I enjoy reading both of the blogs and I was heard telling a friend that I really, really hoped Fashion East would win as it quite tickles my fancy to see what the people in Halifax are wearing…but TWO fashion blogs placed before me!

Obviously there’s something I’m doing wrong…like…ummmmm….not dressing nice!!?

OK, here’s the thing, on most Sundays I hardly wear pants let alone makeup and truth be told I LIKE MY CONVERSE SNEAKERS!

I don’t care what my friend Crazy says…they’re the perfect downtown shoe! Besides, I look like an idiot in heels and quite often, believe it or not, people tell me they “like my sneakers!” Plus…do you know how many conversations get started from folks telling me my shoelace is untied!

I got style!

Alright…whatever…I don’t.

BUT I won Bronze in The Coast’s Best of Halifax 2012 Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Blogger!”

Thanks to everyone who voted… it thrills me that so many folks read what I have to say! Hopefully I’ll see some of you at tonight’s “Best of Show!”

(I’ll be the one wearing red converse sneakers!)

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