Mills Sisters…

Two pairs of dress pants, a pair of jeans, eight blouses, three sweaters and several necklaces.

That’s what lay on my bedroom floor by the time I was done last night.

I’m all about supporting my friends but couldn’t it involve something that didn’t require me wearing dress clothes? I’ve limited choices in my closet not to mention the stuff I do own suddenly looks ridiculous as it’s pretty much falling off me!

The night began with stress!

My friend Lisa, one of the new owners of the Mills department store, invited me to the “Come Meet the New Owners” night at the esteemed ladies boutique in Downtown Halifax.

It sent me into a tizzy of ripping apart my closet… ironing several items then putting them on, ripping them off and throwing them to the floor! There was more than one panicked text to Crazy… a decision to stay home, a re-decision to support my friend… a moment where both hands were in my hair and I was yelling “there’s a damn good reason I don’t go to functions like this!” followed by a flurry of fabric and hangers tossed across the room… it wasn’t pretty!

Eventually, to my dismay, I wore my “funeral outfit.”

I don’t have clothes that I’m proud of… I like to “dumb it down.” I’m casual. Comfortable. All about the converse.

It’s become my style.

But last night, I was going to the “hoity toity” ladies boutique I’ve avoided for as long as I can remember because, while I love my friend, the thing is… I don’t belong there. I don’t fit in there. I don’t feel comfortable there.

But despite all reservations… I went there.

Last night, in my “funeral clothes,” I congratulated my beautiful friend on her wonderful accomplishment. I roamed the rooms with a glass of wine while chit chatting among hundreds of women and a few-dozen men. I avoided the racks for fear of both prices and size zeros but eventually… drawn to the displays… I started to browse.

Maybe it was the wine or the heels on my feet… but things started to catch my eye. A top I’d love to own, a sweater with a touch of fur, the beautiful necklace, amazing boots, glorious purses and exquisite coats. The luscious fabrics and touches of sparkle… it suited me perfectly… it was all my style.

It felt different.

Four ladies chasing their dreams… making everyone feel comfortable in their skin. Each bringing their story, their history, their memories of a long-standing boutique… each having their reason for being there and wanting to make a difference. To empower women.

It WAS different.

My friend is one of the new owners at the iconic Mills where it’s time for a fresh start! Where in the coming months, they’ll relocate to their beautiful new location just a few doors away. Where the stock they ordered from the shows they attended will begin to arrive and the style will become “theirs.” Where they’ll greet you as you enter the doors. Where they’ll help you discover the exquisite dress for the once-in-a-lifetime trip down the red carpet or the perfect top and jeans for a fun night out with the girls. Where you’ll be welcomed… treated with warmth. Where you’ll discover what I’ve discovered… four amazing women… who are just like you.

Who are just like me.

Wanting to fit in… chasing their dreams… making a difference.

Last night, much to my surprise, standing in my “funeral clothes” surrounded by friends… I felt part of something new. I felt like I belonged.

It felt… Casual… Comfortable… Wonderful.

And it was just my style!


3 Replies to “Mills Sisters…”

  1. I had the very same experience. I started to understand the importance of high quality clothing and beautiful fashion when I looked at all those racks.

    Great post. You absolutely captured the evening. Beautiful writing.

  2. Thanks very much Holly. It was really a lovely night. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the shoppe!!!

  3. Wow that is exactly how I felt running through there to let my daughter shop at that mini-Lulu store. Maybe I will give it a second look?