I was rushed… a tub full of bubbles had me relaxing far longer than I should have and the clock glared the time.

I had to get to the rink for Spiderman’s game!

Sweater, scarf, socks, boots, coat, mitts… where the hell was my deodorant. Who loses their deodorant?

I searched… aimlessly like a fool pulling umpteen things from the confines of beneath my bed before I finally gave up. I headed to the children’s bathroom and began to rummage where in the drawer full of odds and ends The Tall Blonde left behind… I found it.

The bright orange roll up container clearly stating “sport.”

Up it rolled and on it went reminding me that I don’t really like the “wet” variety of deodorants but at this point, a girl can’t be too picky.

Grabbing my purse and keys… I headed out the door and WHAT THE HELL?

The searing, miserable, burning pain was much to be desired as I was faced with the ultimate worst deodorant reaction of anyone on the face of the earth!

Purse and keys dropped to the floor, jacket removed, sweater tossed… I ran to the washroom like a maniac to rid myself of the searing discomfort. Water… soap… nothing worked… the pain was worsening by the second!

With pits scrubbed to rid myself of the assault, there was nothing left to do but “suck it up” and get to the game. As I stepped from the bathroom, I took a look at the brand to ensure I’d never make the same mistake again (as if I’d ever forget the bright orange “sport” container) and to my surprise, discovered the Rub-A535! The deep, penetrating heat causing ointment used to treat pain, stiffness and swelling caused by inflammation and bruising in muscles and joints… found in a deodorant shaped container, but not a deodorant at all!

I left for hockey… in a deep heated agony that lasted for hours but on the bright side… I smelled “minty fresh” all night!



2 Replies to “B-Ohhhhh….”

  1. haaaaaaaaaaahahaha I just laughed out loud at work. 🙂 Thanks for making me laugh on this horrible Monday.