Better days ahead…

It was pretty much a stupid week.

There was the concussion, black eye, broken nose and compromised neck. Throw in a pulled groin, two cavities, one tooth that needs to be pulled and two trips to the physiotherapist. Top it off with a sore shoulder, puking dog, bad stomach AND…did I mention I had pneumonia?


This one goes down in the records as being one of the worst weeks in FOREVER…with the exception of “The Worst Week Ever” which, oddly enough, was four years ago this week and I was so damn busy with everything else, I totally missed the date!

Besides me and the kids and our various ailments…there were a few other personal things thrown in…some quite laughable and some I can barely think about…but suffice it to say, it added to the mess.

I’m tired. Spent. Done.

Last week was the first week of my last semester at school and I missed all but two classes but those two I attended…I wasn’t quite “there.” I’ve assignments due tomorrow that I’ve not even taken a look at and to be honest…can’t.

I’ve a great need to put the past nine days behind me and start again.

Tonight, I stood in the airport and bawled as I once again sent The Tall Blonde on her way to new adventures. She’s good to go…cleared to fly…happy to be on her way but me…I’m a little uptight. A lot uptight. Thrown for a loop with the fears of “I won’t see her for almost six months” and “what happens if she gets hurt and I’m not there?”

I’m taking a moment, putting my feet up, having a cup of tea and, with the help of a puffer, breathing a few deep breaths. There are a few tears left that still need to escape but for the most part…I’m alright. Everything is going to be fine. I’m pulling myself together and taking The Tall Blondes advice from the text I just received…telling me she’s “on her flight, sends her love and to get a good nights’ sleep.” And I will. It’s just that…well…even with all of the help…the love and support that continually surrounds me…this week was just a lot for my little head to handle.

And tomorrow…I’ll start again.

One Reply to “Better days ahead…”

  1. Hugs being sent your way, Colleen. You’ll probably feel a bit better when you know she’s back in her little apartment.