“FINE! But I’m taking Beyoncé with me,” he spat.

Then, proceeded to tuck the life-sized, cardboard cut-out under his arm and walk from the room.

I’d just finished explaining to Spiderman that his room was the darkest. That The Tall Blonde would be using it for the next few days. That we know his new pillow-top bed is comfortable…that all of his treasures and clothes are in there…but he’d have to take what he needed and vacate the premises.

He made us laugh as he removed this one item. The cardboard cutout…given to him as a joke by Gib’s husband. The cutout that looks so real, that on more than one occasion, I’ve had the crap scared out of me as I’ve entered his room.

He put her in The Tall Blonde’s bedroom. Then proceeded to make it his new home.

It continued with Bones going into the room, past the newly positioned Beyoncé, to gather a few items that The Tall Blonde requested and Spiderman protesting with “What are you doing in my new room! Those are my bras! Get out of my panty drawer!”

And the onslaught of laughter continued before I had to quiet them down.

It’s work to keep them calm. My normally loud and silly house is now in darkness for a few more days…and I’m on edge. Keeping the laughter to a minimum. The volume turned down. The foolishness at bay.

Until we can settle Beyoncé back where she belongs.

And return our house to normal.

Well…as normal as it gets around here.