Enough with winter!

I seriously showed up at the rink tonight in sweat pants, a pony tail and rubber boots!

It’s come to this.

I ran into Crazy and she laughed when she saw me knowing we’ve both gone through this nasty cold together and then, to make me feel better, she said “but really, it’s not like you’re trying to impress anyone anyway?”

I never mentioned that just before she came through the door, I’d said “hello” to, and was still standing next to, an ex boyfriend I hadn’t seen in years!

Not that I was trying to impress him.

But at least I have great hair. Right?

Oh…about that…you know when your hair gets so dried out from the winter chill that you suddenly realize there’s a bird’s nest in the back and a knot so hard to get out that you finally just leave it and hope for the best?

That’s where I’m at.

Hey, don’t judge! When she was a little girl, my friend CA went a month with gum in the back of her hair for fear of the pain from brushing it out.

Ok…to be honest…it’s possible there’s gum in mine as well!

I’ve homework to finish before hitting the sack and while I’ve got about as much ummph and creative energy as a turnip, there’s hope ahead! In two more days it’s a brand new month beginning with a rodent telling us whether or not Winter is soon over.

I could do with some sunshine and can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is that we’re heading to Florida in two months!!! I don’t need a rodent to tell me if the sun’s gonna shine…I’m counting on a mouse!

For now though…I’m heading in the shower and giving myself a fancy hair treatment. Then, I’m throwing on a load of laundry, turning up some music and getting at my schoolwork.

It’s time I got my crap together.

Time to kick January to the curb, kiss Winter good-bye and move on from this slump!

— —

WAIT JUST A MINUTE…I was about to search for typos in the post before I hit “publish” and then remembered the “Twitter Party” with Mom Central Canada I wanted to “attend.” Anyway, I wasn’t finished editing and the party was starting and since it was about “Visiting Orlando” and all of the wonderful things you can do while on vacation…I put the post aside for the time being and thought I’d join in. Besides, I’d looked at the party information last week and there were six really awesome prizes you could win. So… next thing you know I’m answering questions and jumping in on conversations and thinking how I’m driving my instructor nuts with all of my tweets and how I’m not even finished my homework and the topic was trending and folks were chatting and next thing you know I WON!!!

  • Two SeaWorld Orlando tickets + admission to Busch Gardens & Aquatica
  • One Visit Orlando extreme sling bag
  • One “The Kid’s Guide to Orlando” book
  • One Visit Orlando smile mug
  • One Visit Orlando lip balm
  • One Visit Orlando smiley pen


The thing is, I’d asked the kids what they wanted to see while we were in Florida and they’d decided on a water park and Universal…plus, we’ve tickets to a Pittsburgh/Tampa game and plan on shopping and hanging out at the pool.

While I’m THRILLED that we’re going to see Harry Potter I did the “you sure you don’t want to see the dolphins” conversation cause the fact is…I LOVE SEA WORLD and haven’t been to Florida since they were little and simply love the look on their faces when they watch the sweet penguins…BUT…they’d gone with their father last year and much as they know I LOVE Manatee (they brought me home a manatee mug) and could sit there and watch them for hours…with me telling them they could only pick two parks…Sea World just wasn’t on the top of their list.

And now, thanks to Mom Central Canada and Visit Orlando for throwing a twitter party, WE’RE GONG TO SEA WORLD!

With my homework complete, my hair conditioned, my sweats tossed aside and a smile on my face…I’m hititng the sack!

To dream about Manatee.