March Break…

It’s March Break and I’ve done absolutely nothing!

Well…unless you count a hockey tournament, daily drives back and forth to volleyball camp that have me getting out of bed at a ridiculous hour, a few trips to the rink for practices, the building of a website and waiting for the announcement of a Pope…as nothing!

But today, for the first time in FOREVER, I’m getting a haircut AND my brows waxed and I can’t tell you how much this thrills me!

My hair…the only thing I truly like about myself…that’s always straight and smells good leaving people asking what kind of shampoo I use (Dove) is all but a dead, dry, matted mess of grossness!

Last night, I even wore it in a “tub do”…except I’d not been in the tub! But…rather than brush it out…it made more sense to stick the matted pile on top of my head and if someone looked at me funny I could say “I just got out of the bath” and they’d be all “of course you did” in total understanding of why I’d a crazy mess on top of my head.

Along with a visit to both the spa and the hairdressers today…I’m putting my car in the garage tomorrow for a much needed check up and I’m making plans with friends for the weekend that will include rebel rousing and green beer!

You see…as of noon today…I’m on March Break…MY March Break…you know, the one where I go to school all year and I’m so tired of classes and homework that I really need the break but I’ve been so busy chasing kids around that I’m more exhausted than when this started but FINALLY I get to enjoy a few days to  myself!

I remember my lawyer telling me the day would come when I’d be happy to have a break from the kids and I was all “I never want to be without my kids” but then school and hockey and riding and homework and craziness and OH MY GOD am I saying what I think I’m saying?

The thing is…I need a wee break. Not a big one! But one where I can recharge my batteries without fitting myself in between the rink and the barn, the laundry and the cooking.

THAT’s RIGHT I’M SAYING IT! My kids are leaving today and I won’t see them until Monday and I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!!

And maybe I’ll even put my hair up in a tub-do…and relax in the bath!

For real this time!


2 Replies to “March Break…”

  1. Hope you’re enjoying your break! Being home while the kids are off is anything but restful…thank goodness I had Grandma to take over for a night!