My friend announced today that she’s pregnant.

I had a feeling.

The rushing in late to class and the paleness of her skin were dead giveaways.

But today…it was announced on Facebook with all the flair and excitement of any young woman as she tells the most wonderful news in this social media age.

With a beautiful photograph of two people in love.

Holding a plus sign.

And a one.

We live in an age where there’s more love and support around every corner than you could possibly imagine…all spelled out in status updates and multiple replies of congratulations. A birth, a marriage, a new found love. The retirement from years of work. A much needed trip. And sometimes sadness.

Even sadness.

With the multiple messages flowing in…my friend has a tremendous amount of support yet she has no idea how much excitement lies ahead. How her life will forever change. How overwhelming and wonderful this news really is.

But I know.

Because at that very same age…my +1 rocked my world. Made it so much better that given my time back…I’d do it all again.

And I’d hold my head high.

And embrace my +1 sign.

For the whole world to know.


Congratulations Amy! You will make such a wonderful mom…this I know.

2 Replies to “+1”

  1. Aww … I love this photo! As for me, if I was +1 right now, I’d be jumping off a bridge 🙂

    • Yes Julie…twenty two years and two more kids since that first one…and I’d probably be jumping off the bridge if I had a +1 now too!!!