Three years and counting…

Three years ago tomorrow I began this blog after much encouragement from many people who believed I should “tell my story.”

So…I wrote.

And I wrote.

And five hundred and fifty-seven posts later…I’m still not done.

I’ve blogged my way through some rough days…along with amazing and wonderful adventures.

It’s benefited my family. It’s changed me. Made me realize how fabulous my life is and how absolutely lucky I am to be surrounded by the people who support me.

Including you.

You…the readers of Curtains…are a huge part of my life. I’m always touched and a little in awe when I’m told that I’ve “inspired” you…made you laugh…moved you to tears.

I’m forever blown away when someone tells me they think I’m a “good writer”…that I should write more.

Some day I’ll write more.

I’ve not tired of it. Not grown weary. I’m still every bit as committed to telling my story as I was when I started. I’m happy to share my journey. Thrilled with every comment and email. I’m pleased each time I get a new reader or follower on Facebook or Twitter and simply ecstatic with every PR request and each new advertiser.

It’s been three short years but blogging has become a huge part of who I am.

So…for my third blogiversary…I’m taking a vacation! Gathering up Spiderman and Bones and heading off with my two girlfriends and their families for a much-needed family trip. It’s time to relax…time to regroup. I’m shutting down the computer, turning off my phone…avoiding all technology with the exception of the few times I’ll steal the kids’ iPods to check back in (Come on…it’s me here! I can’t totally cut myself off!) I’ll enjoy a few adventures and tell you all about them when I return.

In the meantime…while I’m sunning and relaxing…there’s a contest you can win!

A few of my advertisers have put together a prize package to celebrate my third blogiversary! All you need to do is make a comment on this post and when I get home…I’ll draw the winner.

The prize…a day at Mudwraps to Manicures (value $245), a month of bootcamp for two with Evolve Fitness, and tickets to “Eighteen” playing at Neptune from April 30th to May 12th.

Here’s how you can win…
  1. Comment on this post, “Three years and counting…” telling me something you like about the blog…or dislike…or tell me your favorite post…or what you’d like to see more of. Whatever…just make a comment.
  2. If you haven’t already done so and would like to (it’s not a requirement), “Like” the Curtains are Open’s Facebook page or Follow me on Twitter. Liking, Sharing, Tweeting, Pinning…all have helped grow my blog over the last three years.
  3. If you’d like (but again not a requirement), check out, Like and follow my advertisers on the right hand side of the blog. They’re a tremendous support!

Bottom line…all you have to do is make a comment. That’s it.

  1. The giveaway will be open from now until Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 at ten a.m (my time!)
  2. Winner will be chosen using and notified by email.
  3. Only comments on this post are eligible to win. Comments on other posts, Facebook or Twitter, while appreciated, are not considered.
  4. Only one comment per reader is eligible for entry into the contest.

If you’re looking for me…I’lll be back next week. Keep commenting…keep reading…catch up on a few old posts you may have missed and feel free to share them with your friends.

Thanks for reading…some of you have been with me from the very beginning…you’re all amazing!

Three years of blogging…telling my story…for me, it’s truly been life-changing.

Thank you.


OH…PS…if you’re comment doesn’t show up…It’s because you’re a “first time” commenter and I have to approve you first and remember…I’m cut off from technology! So…don’t worry…it’s there…I’ll approve it when I return…don’t write a second…or a third…or a fourth. Trust me…it’s there!

66 Replies to “Three years and counting…”

    • Ahhh fabulous prizes!!!! I want in 🙂
      Have a great time Colleen! Wishing you lots of R+R

      Xo nic

      • Good PR eh! LOL…you’re in! Let’s get together for coffee on my return. xo

  1. I’ll comment for sure. I first heard about your blog from my niece at St F X and got hooked immediately. Read the whole thing til I got caught up and following ever since. Enjoy following your posts. You should definitely keep writing. I love your blogs on the gym cause you got there and I am still putting it off but hear such great things about evolve. Have a blast in Florida and enjoy sea world

    • Thanks Corinne…I always wondered how you found me and love when you leave comments and like on Facebook! And you read the WHOLE THING! That’s impressive!!!

  2. Enjoy your vaca and your time away from technology. I too love that you are so honest and real. Happy 3rd anniversary!

  3. I love your funny adventure blogs! And your sad, weepy blogs. And your blogs about your kids. And your blogs about all your girlfriends. And… Well… All your blogs…. I love them all! Thanks for 3 years of sharing your story.
    Hope to see you in Florida!
    Heather Clarke

  4. My favourite part about your blog is when it’s about riding;) In all seriousness, it’s become part of my Sunday reads and I love hearing about what’s going on. I also have you to thank for hooking me up with Evolve fitness and that has really, truly changed my life for the better. Enjoy the sun. See you when you get back:) Oh and PICK MEEEEEEE! Awesome prizes!

    • Awwww…I need to write more about riding I see! Glad you got hooked up with Evolve! You look FANTASTIC! I love that companies are seeing the benefit of advertising with bloggers!

  5. Hey baby,
    I have learned so much from your blogs and the “usually” make me smile..the sad ones make me appreciate every day even more!
    keep writing and enjoy the vacay !


  6. Love the blog!! Gets me teary and/or giggly each night 🙂 love the blogs about the kids – a proud Momma comes through clearly!

  7. My fav post is the mills event nite – still makes me cry! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!

    • Looking forward to writing many more posts that you’re in “Fancy”! So happy to have your friendship.

  8. My favourite part of the blog is when it’s about our class. I like reading a different perspective on events and classmates!

    • Me too I think Jenn. I love when I discover something new about a classmate. I’ve grown a lot because of the 26 people in that room over the last two years. I’m a little sad to see it coming to an end.

  9. I love how raw and open you let yourself be, It really puts a lot in perspective. Thanks and I look forward to reading more:)

    • Aly…sometimes I look back at a post and I can’t believe I actually shared what I did! I took my father’s advice very early in the game…to just be myself! Good or bad…I’ll attract the readers who are a lot like me. Sometimes a post is pretty raw. I’m glad you’re reading! Thanks.

  10. I find it uncanny that when an issue arises in my life; past, present or future, you seem to write about it. So for that I say GET OUT OF MY HEAD! 🙂 But really I am just relieved to know I am not the only one. Thank you for being real and not afraid to write about things many people would not understand…until they experience it.

    • Ha! I think we all just want to feel like we’re normal! Most of us have the same fears and joys in our lives. I’m glad you find some relief in here!

  11. I love your blog because you write from your heart….and sometimes it feels like it is coming from my heart. I’m treating myself to a Renew Special at Mudwraps on Wednesday on your advertisement and I’m hoping to win so I can go back again! Have fun in Floriday ! Happy Blogiversarry !!

    • Oh good luck! I understand a lot of folks catch up on the Mudwraps specials as they’re posted monthly! I quite love the place.

      Thanks so much for ALWAYS being such a great supporter. You’re a bit of an inspiration yourself!

  12. Hi Queen,
    I actually just found your blog by googling “Canadian mom bloggers”. As a fellow Canuck blogger raising a gaggle of small humans, I’m looking to branch out and get to know more of my peeps in the blogosphere.

    From what I’ve read of your Popular Posts I can see that you write from the heart and the funny bone. I love that. I’m looking forward to checking out more of your posts.

    Hope you’re having a ball in the sunny south.
    Laurie {The Baking Bookworm}

    • Oh yay!!! A new blogger to follow. I’ll check you out in the coming days! Thanks for commenting.

  13. Love reading your blogs!! Thank you for sharing your journey and making me laugh,smile,cry and enjoy every one of them!! So glad your having a great vacation,! “Cheers to you Colleen!!!” xo

    • Thanks so much. It’s been a fun journey for sure. At the beginning…the days I didn’t write were my worst days! Now, if I don’t write, it’s just because I’m far too busy! Life is so wonderful these days. (Vacation was fantastic).

  14. I love all your blogs and can’t believe it’s been 3 years…my favorite is Ems ski accident blog….I could feelk how you were feeling. Keep up the great writing

    • Em’s ski accident nearly tore me apart! What’s with that girl! Thanks for reading.

  15. What can I say…you had me at your first post…..
    I love catching up on your blog. I don’t check daily but I check in and read everything I’ve missed since the last time I visited. I can’t say I have a favorite post….I thoroughly enjoy them all!!!!

    • So glad to have you reading! I don’t think there’s anyone who reads every day! Most are like you and catch up when they can!

  16. I am a very recent reader of your blog but each one has given me food for thought and an opportunity to smile/chuckle. Keep up the great work!

  17. You always could tell a good story, so the success of your blog was no surprise to me. I love reading them all and when I feel the same way, I know I could never express it the way you do! Congratulations on three years! TLH

  18. I have been following from the beginning and always enjoy the read.

    You have grown and the kids and your friends are better for it.

    Looking forward to many more years of your blog!

  19. I recently found your blog on the recommendation of Lorelei. I love what I have read so far. Can’t wait to get caught up. Enjoy your family time away – so important!

  20. Congratulations on 3 years of laughter, tears, and emotional growth. I’ve read all of your posts and I’ve laughed with you, cried with you and grown with you. I look forward to so many more good reads. You are awesome!!

  21. You have reminded me time and time again to look at the joy life brings each day, no matter the obstacles. That humour can heal. And that I am not as alone as I feel some days. xo

  22. Three years…..good for you! I think we first met three years ago and shared our ‘war’ stories!

    Love to hear your perspective on various issues my friend! Looking forward to many more years.

  23. Continue to enjoy reading you Colleen! Hope you all had a great trip! 🙂 Andrea

  24. After we meet on St Patrick Day and on your recommendation I have been following your blog. I’ve really enjoyed it since I started following it. I love your honesty 🙂

  25. Being a mom as well, my heart is often in my throat as I read your blogs.

    The ski accident and most recently the conversation with Spider-Man are ones that stand out the most right now. But they are ever changing

  26. Congrats on 3 years Coleen!! Amazing the way time flies and look at all you’ve done! Also, the new blog design is great! (gotta love turquoise!!!!)

  27. I love reading your blogs Colleen! And I am looking forward to reading about what you will be up to once school is over.

  28. I am so happy to have met another female deviant! I finally feel almost normal! Congrats on the three years!!!

  29. Colleen,
    You are one talented lady. Humourous, thoughtful, engaging, realistic and relevant! I have been enjoying your blogs since Day 1 and look forward to many more years of laughs, tears, and your insights!

    Congrats on 3 years!!

  30. Been away from the blog for a little bit but reminded how much I always enjoy reading it!