Looking for something?

As you’re aware…if you’ve been following along…I’m in MAJOR Spring Cleaning mode after tucking things out-of-the-way for the last two years and pretending things are in order when really…they weren’t!

Did you know that if your home is in chaos…chances are your life is too? The truth is, I’ve been busy…and something had to give.

So today, I washed down walls with a vinegar/detergent/water solution using a baking soda/water paste to get out any big marks (like, oh…I don’t know, hockey stick smudges and gear bag scuffs in the front hall!)

I’ve HALF of the main floor done and while that doesn’t sound like a lot…believe me, there’s not a spec of dog hair, dust or thing out-of-place in the small area I’ve done and the baseboards, while they could do with new paint, are spit and shined as best as I can get them!

Before I go on, there are a few things I’ve found and I’m hoping I can find the owners for as this all sits on my kitchen table and has to go!

To start with…an apology to Gib! Hey Gib…I really do have your book!

You see…she said I did, I said I didn’t, she said she leant it, I said I returned it, she asked if I liked it, I said I didn’t read it…etc… Fact is, I didn’t actually read it…but I found it under the hutch in the living room! So…woopsy and sorry. Also…I have those shells that Little-One gave you for Christmas and chances are I’ll find a few more things before the week is through.

Next…Prada…I have your cheese board! Oh…and is this your bunny plate. And glass? And why do you have plates with bunnies on them? And what have you been eating your cheese on?

Mom and Dad…rain panchos, wine glass, Correlle bowl, glass bowl, all the money you’ve ever given me…all are here waiting for you. Well…except for all the money you’ve ever given me…that, I’m keeping. For now. OK…probably for always!

Crazy…is this yours?

Messy…I still have your scarf! Also, Ticker, I can imagine this cougar one around your neck…is it yours?

Snuff…I have your cup and by the way…the day you came here with that smoothy after your workout…it looked disgusting. Oh…also I have your stick.

Lou Seal…is this your mug? Pretty sure one day when I was feeling like absolute crap I mentioned that I’d love it if someone brought me a cup of tea and with that…the doorbell rang and it was you…with a cup of tea!

The fabulous, amazing, talented, vivacious, musical genius, Pam Bar… I think this is your salad bowl!!!

And anyone know who owns this cooler? HotRod?

And finally, Red, I have your Chanel T-shirt. I KNOW it’s yours ’cause I remember the day you came over and…oh…nevermind! Also, the beautiful tray with the fairies and leaves is yours and by the way…I’m sorry, but I started organizing without you! I know how much it means to you and how much you love it but I just couldn’t stand another minute!! Drop by…I’m here all week!

So…I believe that’s it. Two rooms done. Ten to go. I’ll let you know if I find anything else but in the meantime…if you’re missing anything…just ask!

10 Replies to “Looking for something?”

  1. Ahahaha….funny post! And yes, I believe that scarf could be mine! Lol
    I think you’ve got the makings of a fine yard sale there!
    Good luck with the next 2 floors.

  2. Yes Queen, that is mine.. I’m missing a cake plate any chances you have it? It’s actually from my first marriage, not like it means anything to me…hehe.. but it’s the only one i have?

  3. Lol….that is my cheese board (I have been using a pizza plate) , my glass and the bunny plate is also. Mine …given to me by Katherine bent ….you know I like a theme xx