Boiling over…

Here I go…

And I’m not entirely sure how this will work.

I feel like there’s a big pot in front of me. In it…all of my IT experience, management, teaching, graphic design, web design and writing.

It’s bubbling…boiling to the point that it’s spilling over the sides of this giant pot and I have to figure out what to do with it all!

My new life starts tomorrow.

My first “new” Monday.

I’ll head downstairs to my office…rip through the papers and junk piled high…spend a few days re-doing a space where I can be creative and awesome…find a new name, make a new website…start my new company.

My new life.

About to begin.

I’m not entirely sure how it will all come together…but it’s here and for the first time in a long time…I’m super excited for everything that lies ahead.

Once I figure out what to do with everything that’s boiling in this pot!

One Reply to “Boiling over…”

  1. hmm…i was just sitting on the couch before I read this, and now I’m shutting off my computer and heading to my studio to get back on track! amazing.