I’ve been blessed.

I have amazing women in my life.

When I lost all hope for friendship and love, it was my girlfriends who made me realize that without both…life would be meaningless.

There was a time I believed I could never make room for anyone else…wouldn’t allow anyone in my life…couldn’t allow myself to feel vulnerable again. But I was so wrong.

I needed to open my heart, trust again…to let the hurt go.

When I met Fancy…I’ll be honest…I didn’t know what to think.

She was…well…Fancy.

While she lit up a room in a designer dress and shoes…her hair and makeup worn to perfection and the accessories that accompanied her sparkled…I shone different.

While she runs a tight schedule…attending cocktail parties and charity functions, trotting the globe and baffling them with her brilliance as she holds a position as a partner in a law firm…I run at a different pace.

While there was a time I would have judged her for fear of not being accepted…fear of being judged myself…I opened my heart. I chose to find out a little more about this person who captured my attention, who gave sound advice, who says it like it is…who makes me laugh.

Despite all of the differences, I have discovered…we’re both the same.

The other night, celebrating our birthdays over drinks and laughter, Fancy gave me a beautiful gift.

She picked it out with much thought for who I am. For how we fit together. And while I absolutely love the beautiful bracelet…while it suits me to a tee and will be that much better when I find the perfect shade of chucks to match…it’s not the present I cherish the most.

The gift of her friendship is something far greater. Far brighter and shinier…far more brilliant and beautiful than any item she could ever find.

Thank you Fancy for the lovely gift…but more importantly, for everything you bring to my life! While you bless yourself repeatedly and gasp in dismay over the shocking things I say…the language that comes from my mouth and the foolishness from within…it is me, who is truly, truly blessed.

(If you’d like to meet my wonderful friend, you’ll find her and her three partners at their “new and improved” Mills location opening this Saturday, June 1st, in Spring Garden Place. I can’t wait to see it…it will sparkle, it will shine…and it will definitely, be Fancy!)

3 Replies to “Fancy…”

  1. Oh u make me want to cry. U are so different from each other but u have the same big heart, sparkling personality and u are 2 of my favorite people. I do agree we r vulgar and she is prissy but it all works! Hahahha

  2. What an lovely birthday post!

    Happy Birthday to your dear friend – and to you!

    It’s amazing how the Universe puts people in our paths. Amazing!

    I’m so glad you were wise (or foolish!) enough to take that chance. 😉

    Sounds like you make a great team.