The Drawing Room…My Home Office Reveal…

I was going to wait.

The piece of art I’d ordered will be another two weeks and until that arrives, it won’t be quite complete. However, while picking up accessories at Homesense today I heard “shouldn’t you be home reupholstering chairs and taking pictures so we can finally see this room!”

A reader…Penny…stopped to tell me how much she loved my blog and how she couldn’t wait to finally see the results of this project.

So…here it is…

Thanks to Michelle Muir at Silk Purse Decor for all of your help! AND…for giving me the beautiful chairs that have finally found a home.

To Sarah…for painting and for being such a wonderful friend for so many years.

To my non-painting girlfriends…for listening to me day in and day out while I tackled this project!

To Spiderman…thanks for helping to carry the armoire into the house and for helping me beat the legs off the bottom so it sits on the floor.

Bones…for painting the legs of the table over and over and over again!

The lady from Bishop’s Falls who works at Wicker Emporium @ Bedford Commons…thanks for helping me stuff that big coffee table into my small car!

Carmel at Home Depot…for helping me find the shiniest, glossiest, see-your-face-in-it, white paint I could find!

The numerous folks who posted items on Kijiji who received my inquiries…especially the two who sold me the fabulous pieces I was able to repurpose!

But mostly…to my amazing, remarkable, ever-supportive, gracious and loving parents who gave me this entire project as my “graduation gift.” I thank them from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait for them to arrive home from vacation so they can see what I’ve done.

The Curtains are Open…and The Drawing Room is officially ready for business.


(Side note…I need a new company name! The Drawing Room Gallery is the beautiful gallery of the works of Michael Doyle @ Check out his stuff…I’ve been an admirer of his Argyle Street painting for quite some time!)

(Side, side note…doing a name search via a Mac computer does not work with the Access Nova Scotia system. They apologized when I got around to registering the name that never showed up anywhere. Had I used a PC…)

(Another side note that I don’t want to write side, side side note…but seems I already did. If you’ve a suggestion for a company name that somehow brands Curtains are Open with my graphic/web design/writing…throw me your ideas!)

(Final update…new company name is Drawbridge Creative.)

29 Replies to “The Drawing Room…My Home Office Reveal…”

  1. Oh wow! What a beautiful room. Turquoise/aqua is one of my favourite colours to wear and I’ve been thinking of using it in a room (I’d love to pair it with either an orange or apple green!).

    I love DIY so I painted a buffet red last summer and just love it. There’s something about a DIY project, isn’t there?

    I love your armoir and the material for the chairs. Beeeeutiful!

    • It feels pretty awesome to have done this “myself”! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • You might have been my inspiration for the color my friend! I feel like that way, I have a piece of all of you in here! xo

  2. wow! i LOVE the colours!!!!! yay having professional space! WOOT WOOT 🙂

  3. You have done a beautiful job…and I love the “gin touch”…graphic design must be similar to advertising….a little Mad Men touch!

    • Mad Men is correct!!! It will be nice to be able to pour a glass in my own space and not get yelled at by my boss!!

  4. Wow it’s beautiful! I especially love the turquoise MAC on the table 🙂 You have such great taste and vision. I can’t wait to see it in person this summer.

    • Thank you Sherri. The case was a gift from the children for Mother’s Day! Can’t wait to see you this summer!!!

  5. If you change your mind, interior decoration is a definite go to profession! It’s beautiful and inspiring.

    • Thanks Raylene! I do love to get at a new room! This one will hopefully inspire me to do great things.

  6. Congratulations and LOTS of luck in your new undertaking. I love the decor of The Drawing Room…a job well done. Love you.


  7. Holy freaking carp this is gorrrrgeous!!! Can I move in? I promise I won’t eat anything in here – well except for the Bombay….but I won’t drop a bit I promise!!!!

  8. You always did have the knack for decorating…I remember the floral chair and the striped sofa from many years ago. I have a feeling you will be VERY successful. Congratulations! TLH

  9. Can i just move in there ? as long as that silver tray and bottle is always there?I ll take the dog too…. I ll be quite as a church mouse on Sunday… just think about it

    Congrads mama !! you are already a success in my eyes and so many others .. you just needed an office to make it officail is all xx


  10. Absolutely beautiful, just like the person who decorated it! U never know when I’ll be by.

    • Crazy…it’s like the story of the little red hen where the hen plants, cuts, grinds and bakes wheat to make bread. Her farm friends won’t help her do any of the work…but they all want to share in eating the delicious, warm, wonderful bread!

      I love you…and you’re welcome anytime. But bring tea when you come to share my bread!!!

  11. It is gorgeous. Love your color choices and the room feels so warm and inviting. Great job.

  12. WOW! WOW! WOW! …. I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful…..lots of luck in the new venture….

    • Thanks Val! Coming from a woman who always has such amazing design spaces…I’m honoured that you find it beautiful! Come make art in here with me someday!!!