Five days of not having Spiderman in the house is equivalent to a mini vacation.

Alright…whatever…I miss him.


Fact is…I’m not begging him to eat breakfast every morning after trying to wake him up at least ten times when he finally saunters down into the living room to mumble something incoherent, then vacates the premises with not so much as a nod in my direction.

He’s not much of a morning person.

I’m not running back and forth to the rink every single day fighting through traffic to get him there on time as he tells me “Evan’s mom takes a better route” then grabs his stinky bag from the back seat and his sticks from between the seats scraping up the front dash with the blade, while asking for two twenty-five for yet another post-workout Gatorade.

Only to later come home and throw his gear in the front hall asking “what’s for supper”.

Not once have I heard “what time do I have hockey”, “what time do I have dryland”, “you forgot to buy sour cream”, “did you see my phone”, “can Bren sleep over”, “I blew the tube on my bike tire” or “I used your Visa to buy more music.”

There’s been no screaming “shotgun” as he and Bones head to the car, no fight over who sleeps with the dog, or who drank the last of the orange juice.

Not once have I heard raised voices as they argue over what channel to watch at lunchtime, whose turn it is to put the dog out, or who left the mess in the bathroom.

And in five days, I’ve not once tripped over his big clodhoppers in the front hall.

It’s been quiet to say the least as Spiderman enjoys his “Grade Nine Trip” to Montreal. I’ve quite enjoyed the snapchats and texts as he sent pics from the top of Mont Royal, told me how awesome McGill University is, had a fantastic day with his best friends at LaRonde, sent a photo of the Biodome, another of his hotel room…and a message to tell me he missed me.

To which I said “no you don’t”.

And he answered with “ahahah ok but I thought you’d like to hear me say it anyway.”

Bones and I are getting some glorious one-on-one time where I’ve realized that having only one child in the house is rather quiet, yet extremely enjoyable. Where I haven’t had to worry about organizing drives for one while I’m getting the other where they need to be. Where I’ve not felt stressed or guilty to hurry home at a particular time as the other is home and bored and waiting for my arrival…to be fed…and possibly to be let into the house. Where I’m not making ones favorite dinner which is the exact same meal that the other simply hates.

Bones and I spent some glorious time wandering through our favorite stores, we dropped everything to rush to a sale where I purchased her some frivolous things, we headed to the barn and I napped in the car while she happily spent four hours from the time we left the house to the time we got home with her beloved horse…in no rush to leave. We walked along the waterfront, grabbed an ice-cream and had a few meals at our favorite restaurants…chatting without interruption.

It’s been a fantastic few days and while I’ve enjoyed the lack of craziness in the house…I have to admit…I can’t wait until Spiderman arrives home tonight followed by The Tall Blonde coming back next week from her year abroad!

I’ve had a great time seeing what it’s like to have just one child…I’ve had a fantastic time spending precious one-on-one time with Bones…but I can’t wait until all three are together, under the same roof, so they can wreak pure havoc on my life!

And things can get back to normal around here.

2 Replies to “Spider-who?”

  1. I have to admit that this brought a tear to my eye. I’ve been feeling a little guilty for enjoying having an only child while my girl is on the Quebec trip. While I wasn’t lucky enough to get pictures, I did get an ILY text. Will be nice to see her tonight, but I know the happy reunion will wear off within an hour and my ‘real’ girl will be back. Still love her!!

    • I was feeling a little guilty as well. I think it’s a reminder that we need a bit of one-on-one time with each of them now and then! They younger ones often get a little lost in the mayhem! Enjoy the arrival home of your beautiful girl! We should try to get the kids together sometime soon! xo