Something in the air…

This morning, I walked down the stairs and much to my surprise…as I opened the door to put out the dog…I smelled fresh air for the first time in FOREVER!

A huge whiff of glorious air.

My sense of smell has been gone for months. Replaced instead by the smell of ashes and soot that at one point, was so bad, I hired someone to come and clean my furnace!

It honestly wasn’t until we were in Florida in April, when I still smelled the horrid smell, that I realized it was me…and not something in the Nova Scotian air!

While some scents I miss and others I could do without…it’s been a little unnerving to pick up four boys after Dryland training and not smell a thing…that the hockey gear in the front hall doesn’t bug me…that horses don’t smell in any way whatsoever…or that I never have to move when my bulldog clears the room!

A few weeks ago, sick once again where multiple people were asking if I had a cold or allergies…after chest x-rays and blood work and a pulmonary function test…I was told the news…

Two years of pneumonia, bronchitis and sinus infections had taken their toll. I had another infection..multiple in fact…and was at risk of things being a lot worse down the road if we didn’t get a grip on it immediately! An earlier suggestion leading them to believe I had asthma turned out not to be asthma at all…but instead, my lungs aren’t working at full capacity.

I’m two weeks into a six-week regime that has me on three different medications. I’m resting. Not exercising. Not drinking fancy beverages or partying with friends. There are no late nights. No lifting. No walking any distance. No taking laundry up and down the steps. No yelling at my children. And absolutely…no fun.

I’m taking it easy…and ultimately, completely, utterly, painfully bored!

I’m reversing the symptoms of constant infections that have taken over my airways where hopefully, if all goes as planned, I won’t be left with any long-term damage but with that in mind…I’m heeding every bit of advice the doctors have thrown my way.

And this morning…for the first time in many months…I discovered I could smell and quite honestly…I’m left with an overwhelming sense of relief.

That sitting back and doing nothing…is ultimately working.

And I’ll be truly, truly grateful…until I have to pick those smelly boys up from Dryland this week…until the hockey gear in the front hall shows it’s true colors…until I head to the barn and realize exactly what I’ve been missing…until my bulldog lets one rip!

But regardless of all the scents I’ve not been missing…I’m beyond energized and excited…just to smell again!

One Reply to “Something in the air…”

  1. I hope you keep feeling better! And I am glad the smell of the air is coming back to you.