Queen’s 23rd Update…

One of the things I enjoyed about this blog was my monthly “Queen’s Update.” Seeing the posts all laid out before me and what’s transpired in the month since I wrote them.

Well, life got busy and while I’m told bloggers shouldn’t apologize when time gets away from them…the thing is…I haven’t written a Queen’s Update since FEBRUARY!!!

So…in keeping this post to a half normal size, I’m not going back five months BUT…here’s an update on a few of my posts over the last few months (click on the links to read the post/s you may have missed):

Let’s start with the “Stick People Family,” a post that drew a fair bit of attention. Seems I’m not the only one who’s jealous shaking her head at the stick people families on the backs of SUVs! Folks sent me pictures of hilarious stick families including one from my former father in-law that absolutely had me in stitches. Who knows…one of these days I might end up with my very own!

The post on “SnapChat” had folks talking as well. Applications our children are using are gaining popularity then disappearing as quickly as us parents are trying to keep up with them. As a former software trainer, I’m considering running some social media classes for parents in the Fall…let me know if you’d be interested. As far as SnapChat, I don’t think it’s a bad thing as long as kids are being careful, but have you checked if your kids are on Ask.FM? Holy Nasty Program!! Here are two rules in my house if you’re curious about how I manage it: 1.) I am the owner of all passwords and 2.) If the program enables people to make “anonymous” comments, it’s simply not allowed.

I decorated my office and outlined the details in a post titled “The Drawing Room” as well as posts on how to re-upholster a chair and paint furniture. The office is a thrill to enter each and every time I open the door. I’m happily working away at starting this new company which just this week, I registered as “Drawbridge Creative.” I’m looking forward to working in Graphic and Web Design and if you know anyone who could use my services…send them my way!!

June kicked off in style as my friend Fancy opened the new Mills location as described in my post “Mills…a star is reborn.” I am incredibly grateful for her friendship and absolutely love watching as her dreams come true! This week, Mills announced their purchase of Kick Ass Shoes and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future!

In my attempt to define my blog, I’m questioning whether or not I’m actually a “Mom Blogger.” I struggle to find my voice and what this blog stands for. It’s changed over the years and continues to grow…as I do I suppose. Bottom line…I speak about my life, my adventures…and the joys it brings me while maintaining my privacy at the same time. I don’t know what I’m doing…but whatever it is, I don’t want to stop…and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

The Tall Blond returned home from France. She’s settling in to home life while getting ready to head back to X in the Fall. Things have changed. She’s not entirely sure what comes next or where life will bring her as her travels have opened her eyes to a bigger and greater world. I’ve much faith that whatever she does, she’ll do it with the same passion that she lives every single day.

I graduated. It was bitter-sweet and as I looked back from where I’d come, I was absolutely overwhelmed at how proud I was of myself. Til that moment, I had no idea exactly what I’d accomplished and yet, feel there’s still so much more I can do. The kids threw me a party with the help from my parents and we had a fantastic evening with all of my favorite people. The following week, Spiderman finished Junior High and I felt the same sense of pride and passing of time. Life keeps moving forward…and I’m doing my very best to try to keep up!

With my graduation and the start of my company, I had neighbours coming to see the new office while offering their well wishes. It reminded me how grateful and blessed I am to be living on “Caring Court.”

July brought us a heat wave that had me purchasing an air conditioner for my bedroom! In the first few weeks, Little-One and her family arrived home from Dubai. My oldest and dearest friend, Les, arrived for a vacation. Bones went to camp. We’ve been back and forth to the rink where Spiderman has enjoyed watching many NHL players and has received plenty of ice time himself resulting in both a broken stick and broken skates.  Bones has been riding a few days a week and we struggle to keep a horse from getting his nose burnt on these hot, hot days. The Tall Blonde has been working downtown slinging drinks and food to weary travellers. And for me…it’s been a long month with little time for writing let along breathing.

Oh…the breathing. Well, two years of chest and sinus infections took their toll. July has been a bit of a head spinner complete with doctors orders to slow down…relax…and take care of a few things that need to be taken care of. So while I continue to be busy…I’m afraid my adventures have been grounded to a roaring stop. Leaving me plenty of time to reflect on everything that’s before me.

And how lucky I am.

Queen xo

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2 Replies to “Queen’s 23rd Update…”

  1. Thanks to FB, I am afforded the privilege of reading your blog via your Dad, my cousin who keeps me up-to-date on all things north of here. As it turns out, hubbie and I are leaving for London tomorrow night and a 16 day tour of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. I love the Queen who looks enough like my beautiful Mother to be related but that’s another story. I also love your writing!!

    • I’m lucky to have a Dad who’s proud enough of me to share my posts!

      Emily and I visited London last summer and had a fabulous time. I could have purchased every queen thing I saw!!! I wish you the best of holidays!!!

      Thanks for reading. xo