The Ugly Head…

“The Ugly Head” was first discovered while cleaning out a relative’s home.

Made from a coconut from a vacation destination…with hanging shells for ears…its awful red lips and its beady little eyes peering into your soul…the story was told of how “The Ugly Head” became the “ugly gift”…disguised and given among a group of old friends.

My ex and I were dating at the time and took the head home to continue the tradition. If I’m not mistaken, it first made its appearance at the gift opening the day after our best friends wed. Wrapped in silver paper, folks were surprised by the appalling gift…leaving our friends to explain our ridiculous humour to their horrified family.

It showed up when you least expected it and to be honest, I’m half surprised it didn’t appear when my girlfriend, Sub-Urban, was there with us in the delivery room to welcome Spiderman into the world! Luckily…she had a bit more sense than I did when I gave it as a wedding gift!

When we bought our first home, I was surprised to see a roasting pan in the oven and on opening the lid…discovered the head staring up at me…surrounded by various vegetables and a note that I’ve long since forgotten what it said.

But my favorite moment…the look on Sub-Urban’s face followed by her wonderful laughter at our annual Christmas gift-exchange…how excited she was by the box that showed a “snow globe,” only to discover the coconut inside.

And by far, the best disguise…its appearance as a ghost on Halloween. Left to be discovered on our friend’s front steps when they arrived home. So pleased by someone leaving them a surprise…followed by the recognition of the beady little eyes through the holes cut into the white fabric.

Through the years, “The Ugly Head” joined us on many occasions…birthdays, weddings, baby showers, house warmings, graduations and happy moments. Last year, as two of our friends were about to wed, I tore my storage room apart in search of the head…though disappointed, I never did find it.

And it’s probably best.

“The Ugly Head” was a tradition among six friends. It brought us great enjoyment and made us realize that through all of those celebrations it wasn’t the materialistic items…it wasn’t about the presents. It’s that no matter how ugly, stressful or crazy life can be…it’s the gift of friendship and lasting memories…we hold most dear.


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  1. Oh, the memories! That head sure gave us a lot of laughs…although my mother might not agree due to her stress over the gift with a missing tag at the wedding!!! hahaha We sure did have some great times. I wonder where the head is now?? Laughing out loud remembering all the creatively sneaky ways we gifted it. Sorry about the smelly vegetables in the roaster… Beautifully written, as usual, Colleen. TLH