Best of Halifax 2013…

Remember when I won the Best of the Coast award last year! How I was beat out by two awesome Fashion Bloggers to win Bronze and then realized that maybe I shouldn’t wear converse sneakers all the time but who am I kidding…I’m gonna wear them anyway!

And remember when I went to the party and Timothy Richard took this picture and I was all “wooo hoooo” I won an award but then, when I saw the picture and the smile on my face, it made me get all sappy about what being “The Best” meant to me.

Well…it’s that time of year again. Time to vote for “The Coast’s Best of Halifax 2013 City Awards” and I WANT TO WIN!!!!

The thing is…I have this funky bathroom where I put all kinds of weird and wonderful things and that’s where I keep my 2012 award!

Where everyone can see it.

Well…ok…not everyone. Just those who come to my house.

OK…just those who come to my house and have to pee!

Still…there’s one in there and I’d like to make it two so here’s how you vote!

Go to The Coast’s website (which is easy for me ’cause I have it as my homepage so I can keep up with all of the local news.) Make a user account (so it’s all legit and stuff.) Answer at least 10 of the 106 questions…if you don’t have a favourite, leave it blank. Keep hitting the next button until all the questions you can answer are answered (you can hit save if you’d like to come back and finish it later.) When you come to “Best Blogger” category, consider “Curtains are Open” unless there’s a blogger you like better and then by all means, enter their name! Then, when you’re all through all of the pages, you’ll find the “Finish” button and low and behold…you’re done!

OH…music and food…well you won’t find those categories in this voting! We’ve SO MANY awesome restaurants and SO MANY talented musicians, that they get their very own Best Of Awards!! Make sure you follow The Coast on Twitter and Facebook so you know exactly when those surveys are available!

It takes a few minutes to answer all of the questions and a few minutes is a whole lot of minutes, but the thing is…it really matters to local businesses and personalities.

Also, if you ever come to my house…and take a pee…you can see exactly where I keep the award I’m incredibly proud of!

Once voting is finished and answers are tabulated…winners will be announced and there’s this party where you meet all kinds of really cool people from around Halifax. It’s where I met Rouge Fatale and much as we argued over who was the “Best Queen”…I have to admit…it’s probably her!

Voting takes place from now until September 22nd. Click here, to get your vote in! (Oh…and check out my advertisers for some of the people in Halifax, who I think are definitely “The Best”)


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