Reasons to celebrate…

Ridiculously fuzzy horrible phone photo of me pumping gas for the first time…that oddly enough means the world to me = Best photo EVER!!

I celebrated the day I pumped my own gas.

We were heading home from hockey when the gas light came on. The station by our home had given up “full serve” and I’d found myself driving out of my way to pump my gas…wasting more than was needed but the thing was…I’d just never done it.

And for some reason, I was terrified to try.

The light “dinged” and Spiderman looked at me with his we’re-gonna-run-out-of-gas-on-the-side-of-the-road look…followed by “Come on Mom, we can do this!”

We pulled into the station and I followed the instructions while he encouraged me along…grabbing my cell phone to take a horribly fuzzy photo that for some reason, means the world to me.

Afterwards, we laughed at my ridiculous accomplishment. How, with the help of my children, I was doing all sorts of things that I’d never done before.

The next day, we purchased our very first BBQ and with a great amount of fear of propane and a lighter in my hand…I turned it on! We celebrated another accomplishment over the best barbecued steak I’ve ever enjoyed…along with awesome cheesecake for dessert…and a whole whack of pride!

Sounds silly but the things is, when your life changes and you’re facing discomfort, doing things you sometimes relied on someone else to do becomes a massive accomplishment…one step at a time.

Through the years, I’ve celebrated a great many “little things.” I’ve toasted over drinks with friends, dessert with my kids…and yes, I sat in the parking lot of a gas station with tears in my eyes…laughing my head off…as my son and I high-fived over pumping gas!

Life is about celebrations. Big ones and small. It’s about finding out who we are…while supported by the ones we love.

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67 Replies to “Reasons to celebrate…”

  1. A moment I like to celebrate is taking my daughter to the dentist for the first time and it going very good

  2. I celebrate sending the kids off to school then sitting and relaxing enjoying a cup of coffee OPA!

  3. Picking the kids up from school and having them excitedly talk NON-STOP about what they learned that day. OPA!

  4. I celebrate with a cup of cappuccino when I manage to get the kids out the door in the morning with no fights and everyone prepared for the day.

  5. I’m looking forward to being with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and October birthdays!!

  6. My Daughters birthday! It’s kind of a big deal!
    Yay for your first ever time pumping gas. 🙂

  7. I like to celebrate each day the sun is shining and the weather is still warm this Fall.

  8. Getting a handwritten letter in the mail from a friend overseas. Beats email any day!

  9. My son coming home full of stories about what he learned at school. I love that he loves to learn!

  10. My neighbour bringing over a huge portion of lasagna for us to enjoy. She’s the best!

  11. I like to celebrate an event that happened in 2007.As a single parent, I packed 2 kids in the car (12, 7 year olds) , a GPS and took a road trip to Rochester NY (yes, a hockey trip!) . I had never drove that distance myself before, never drove the I-95 myself. Although the trip came with many trials and tribulations, that I could write an entire page about (but I’d rather share over a bottle of wine someday), I take great pride in the fact that I did it!