Spark a difference…

This post is part of the and World Vision Spark sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors. 

For years, I’ve seen their pictures on the fridge.

Multiple family members’ fridges…all with pictures of their “sponsored child” next to photos of my own children…photos of cousins and grandparents…family vacations and special times.

I always thought it was an amazing gift…to give to someone else…when we have so much.

I would peer at the faces of the children staring back at me and I’d wonder…did they have siblings? Where did they live? Are they going to school? Are they eating enough? What kind of a life did they have?

This year, World Vision has added a new way to donate and answer some of my questions through the World Vision Spark program. It offers folks like me the opportunity to read about various families in Armenia, Georgia, Niger and the Philippines and choose how I’d like to donate. It gives me a chance to “Meet a family. See their need. Spark a difference.”

I spent some time on the site and saw how I could give everything from tools, seeds, household essential and wells. Families are looking for the resources they need to help raise their families…put food on the table, educate their children, provide basic medical needs for their loved ones.

I’m honoured to participate in World Vision’s new Spark program.

The stories are the same…one after the next of people in need. Beautiful children taking care of one another while their parents work the fields…trying to provide.

It’s all any of us want.

To provide for those we love.

Nino’s family from Georgia needs a Hand Tractor and says “The income from working our land is not enough. It is difficult to give our children everything they need, like their studies, books and clothing.”

Alla in Armenia needs household items as she says “My children don’t have beds. They sleep on the floor and often get ill.”

Every single story tugs at my heart reminding me of the photos on the fridge of my healthy children…with everything they have and all I can provide for them. I can’t imagine not being able to give them what they need.

Not what they WANT…what they NEED.

As a mom of three wonderful and privileged children, we often discuss how they can make a difference in this world. I’ve been extremely proud as all three have become involved in projects that help others around the world. I think it’s up to us to guide them…to make a difference.

In the days ahead, I’ll spend a bit of time with them on the World Vision Spark website, to see how we can help.

To help make even more of a difference in the lives of families who are less fortunate, from Tuesday September 24th to Sunday October 27th, YMC will match every dollar donated by YMC members through World Vision’s Spark website, up to $1,000.00 CDN.

World Vision Spark offers Canadian families the opportunity to help a specific family or community in the developing world. Through, you can meet these families, understand what they need, and spark a difference in their lives.