Sibling rivalry…please help…

I’m currently accepting “Happy Birthday” comments on this blog post for my amazing mother’s 70th birthday.

I’ve written about Mom on a number of occasions so you’ve gotten to know a little about how wonderful, kind and giving she is. I’d happily tell you all again…but I need your help with a sibling rivalry problem I’m currently dealing with.

You see…for Mom’s birthday this year, my “little” brother “one-upped” me and I just can’t deal with it!!!

Thirty one years ago, when he was about nine, he went door-to-door with a card for my mother’s 39th birthday! He made it himself and asked neighbour after neighbour to sign the card and if they’d like, to drop by for a piece of cake and cup of tea that evening.

But let me tell you something about my mother…she’s insanely private and while the rest of us got a huge kick out of my brother’s gesture and the adorable antics…Mom was MORTIFIED! Folks were calling to see if the “tea” was going ahead and others were teasing her about whether or not she was really “39” and she could hardly deal with the attention of it all!

So…what did he do yesterday for her 70th? While working at the convenience store at our neighbourhood gas station, as folks came in to pay for their gas and grab a few essentials throughout the day, he asked them to sign a card for his mother’s birthday! Over 200 people obliged with their “Happy Birthday” greetings and last night, at our family supper, Mom could hardly believe the signatures and notes on the card and while the rest of us sat there laughing, Mom suddenly turns to Dad and says, “We have to move!”

Happy 70th Birthday to my insanely private, beautiful, wonderful, giving, fabulous, spectacular Mom!

Please leave your comments and wishes below…I need at least 200 of them to prove to my mother that I love her more than my kid brother!!

It’s up to you!

40 Replies to “Sibling rivalry…please help…”

  1. Wishing you the very best of birthdays! You clearly have two children who love you, and love to bug each other.

  2. HappY birThdaY Colleens mom!!!!! You are a WONDERFUL mother….how do I know? Because you did such a good job raising such a wonderful daughter! Lots of love on your special day!

  3. Happy birthday to Colleen’s wonderful Mom!!! Hope you have an awesome day. Enjoy!!

  4. She is such an amazing woman,I love her dearly,everyone should be so lucky to have her in their lives,but to have her everyday like you do is treasure!! Happy Birthday Maureen,thanks for always sharing your wisdom with me!! XO

    • What a nice comment Belinda! I do indeed have a treasure for a mom! We’re both quite lucky to receive her words of wisdom! xo

  5. Happy Birthday! Every birthday should be filled with happy wishes… Even from complete strangers!

    • Thanks for the birthday greetings to my mom Heather! She got a real kick out of the post!!!

  6. just to show that I’m a good sport, I’ll help you out with a reply.

    Love you (more) Mom!



    Happy, Happy, HAPPY birthday Maureen! Hugs and smoochies from Angel – all the way out here in BC! xo

    • Isn’t he hilarious!!! Thanks for the brithday greetings for Mom Angel. She got a real kick out of it!