Yummy Mummy Club…

It’s quite possible that today was my favourite blogging day ever as in, I MET ERICA EHM TODAY!!!

You see, this afternoon, I spent some time with the divine miss Ehm and if you’re close to my age, you’ll remember her as one of MuchMusic’s original VJs from the 80’s!

So, what’s she been up to lately? Well, while Erica bas been busy with multiple projects…enjoying married life with her entrepreneur husband and two lovely children…in her other life, she’s bringing Mom’s across the country together.

Ehm’s online magazine “Yummy Mummy Club” has everything us Mom’s are looking for…sex, drugs and rock and roll! Alright, whatever…it’s more like lack of sex, tips on how much medicine to give a fevered child with a couple of lullabies thrown in for good measure! It’s all the suff Mom’s need to know…and much (get it), much more!

Yummy Mummy Club is a gathering place where women are kept up-to-date on anything and everything from a mother’s perspective. It’s where Mom’s encourage and support one another…with all the drama, love, fun, horror and excitement that comes with being a Mom.

Thanks to Mike Campbell (Ehm’s former Much VJ Co-Host and owner of Halifax’s Carleton Music Bar and Grill) for providing a welcome spot for a group of women to enjoy a couple of laughs this afternoon!

Thanks to my twitter friends Peady, mylifeinthesunn, LauraORourke, birdiebent, justleigh73 and MmmisforMommy for the great conversation. I finally have faces to the names of the people I share my days with and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of you!

But the biggest thanks goes to Erica…for gathering a group of Mom’s together so we can share our stories, support and encourage one another, and learn from each other’s experiences. It was so wonderful to see the open, honest and vibrant person I grew up watching on TV…exactly the way I’d imagined…all wrapped up in a Mom.

Here’s to all the Yummy Mummy’s out there.

Like Erica, like me, like you!

5 Replies to “Yummy Mummy Club…”

  1. Thanks so much for your sweet words. And thank you for the ride to the airport. You are in a very exciting time in your life right now. Excited to see where this takes you!

  2. I saw a few of you post something about this, it looks like you all had a great time!

    • I agree! I’m so happy to be out of school so I can focus a little more on all of this blogging and finally meet a few people!