I’m writing a book!

Picking the top posts.

I’ve tossed around the idea of a book for a while. For years…as in, I have one half written that someday, given the right amount of nerve, may actually find its way to a bookshelf.

So, when folks started mentioning that I should write a book, I was sort of thinking the book I’d started and never finished…never imagining they actually meant a book of blog posts. Quite honestly, I’d not really thought of my posts as book-worthy. They’re ramblings…thoughts…opinions that are sometimes right and often wrong. They’re my inner feelings that for some reason, at some point along the way, I decided to share.

And you’ve been reading.

But a book of them?

It seemed to me a little odd as honestly, just hit the print option on the posts you like, run them through a hole puncher and fire them in a three-ring binder and there you have it…your very own book! Print all 650 and it’s a whole series!

But then I got to thinking that I actually wanted to do this…and my thinking got to dreaming…and a committee was formed of people from various aspects of my life to help pick the Top Posts…and next I’m writing “updates” so it’s more than what you can actually print from the blog…and I’m acting as “lead designer” over this entire project…and there are quotes rolling in from various printers…and I’ve just applied for an ISBN number…and low and behold, I’m writing a book!

And in the process, thanks to you guys, I’m realizing another life goal!

If you’d like to “pre-order” with no money involved and no commitment whatsoever to purchase, fill in the form on the right side of the screen and I’ll send out an email as more information is available! (I’m trying to get an idea for the printer of how many books I should actually print so I could really use your help here!!) At this very moment, I can’t tell you what it will cost but I’d like you to pre-order anyway…’cause I’m like that! In fact, I REALLY want you to tell me you’re going to buy copies for all of your friends, all of your family, and everyone you know!! (Seriously, just fill out the form if you think there’s a possibility of you purchasing a book so I know! And can hound you…when the time comes!)  

Also…if you think of a particular post that you feel I shouldn’t forget, comment below with your suggestion and I’ll add it to the list of posts we’re considering! This process is absolutely my favourite part so far! I’m working with an amazing team of fabulous folks…I’ll tell you all about them soon! 

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