It’s a book!

HOLY CRAP I’ve written a book!

As in…OMG the printer is waiting for it but shit hit the fan and Spiderman ended up with a broken collar-bone and Bones got the stomach flu and stuff’s coming at me left, right and center and…

HOLY CRAP I’ve almost written a book!

I’m down to the final hours of putting it all together so if you happen to run into me and notice I haven’t coloured my hair in a few weeks or dealt with the straggly eyebrows…cut me some slack!

If all works out this thing will be printed and in a few weeks, I can flip it around and put it in your hands by the holidays!

E-mail me if you want a copy, send me a note if you want a whole bunch and make sure to fill out the info on the right side of the blog so I can add you to the email list and keep you up-to-date when all’s said and done!

I’m currently pounding out the keys on the final pages and after that, I’ll be doing a little marketing and arranging a book signing or two! If you have any suggestions…send them along! In the meantime…

HOLY CRAP I have to finish this book!!!

And colour my hair.

And do something about these eyebrows!

3 Replies to “It’s a book!”

  1. Simmer down now, sounds like you might need to add some wine to this morning’s coffee 😛