The Coast…

Were I smart…which I’ve never claimed to be…I would have had some remarkable, fabulous, inspirational and heartwarming blog post ready for today when The Coast came out with their “Best of Halifax” list.

Or at least something funny.

You know…just in case I may have won for Best Blog or something and a whole bunch of new readers were checking me out!


Also, I started a sentence with “were” which kind of makes me sound a little bit smarter than I actually am!

I recall the very first time I read The Coast.

I was a new mom, a young one at that…trying to decide what I was going to do with my life. I recall thinking that I should FINALLY go into journalism! Go to Kings…become a writer…chase a dream I’d had from such a very young age.

At the same time, while being “creative” was a thrilling yet terrifying thought, “Information Technology” was all the rage. As I was trying to decide what I should do…knowing I needed an education as I was a single mom with a tiny tot…Mount Saint Vincent started their brand new IT program…and I enrolled.

It was later that year that The Coast was formed and I recall picking up my very first copy at the cafeteria…reading it cover-to-cover between classes. The Coast was formed by a group of Kings students studying journalism and I remember holding my very first copy thinking, “damn, that could have been me!”

Time has passed and life has changed and about three years ago, I finally found my “writing voice.” Then last year, I was absolutely floored and tickled pink to find my name in the pages of The Coast’s Best of Halifax…winning bronze for…of all things…my writing!

Then this year…Gold.

Life has changed a great deal since I read my first copy of The Coast. I went on to an amazing IT career that even had me teaching the very program I graduated from, I was married, had two more children and a couple of dogs, owned three houses, became a stay-at-home mom, got a divorce and returned to school in my forties so I could start over again…this time with something a little more creative as I start a new business in graphic and web design.

Through my journey…I found my voice.

I became a writer.

Thank you to every single person who reads my blog. I’m humbled every single day by the crazy paths my life has taken in order to get me to where I really need to be.

Pick up a copy of The Coast or check it out online.

And whatever you do…keep chasing those dreams!


2 Replies to “The Coast…”

  1. Congratulations on your win, and finding your writing voice.

    Fun fact I am a MSVU grad too.