OK, so here’s what’s been going on this weekend.

I sat!

After weeks of writing and designing to get my book ready for the printer, a few contracts thrown in, Spiderman breaking his collar-bone causing me to jump into “mom mode” as it required a fair bit of attention, a Coast Award win that had me hopped up on happiness and some personal things I’ve had to deal with…all the while the house seems to be falling apart around me and I’m pretty sure I’ve an in-box filled with stuff I forgot to do…

I just sat.

My world is a little insane.

Things are happening at a pace I’m unfamiliar with and I’m trying desperately to keep up. It’s almost like when things were crazy at school last year and I got sick on top of it all…except that this time, it’s all stuff I want to be doing and I’m the one in control.

OK, whatever, I’m not in control.

This last few weeks has been a whirlwind of craziness…putting out fires and running on empty. Literally. I actually ran out of heating oil!

So…while I’m gathering my thoughts for the next phase of craziness…how to market a book, run a company and the holidays that are sneaking up on us…I’m taking a break.

I’m currently on Season 4, Episode 16 of Parks and Recreation and I’m planning on watching more. This weekend, I’m watching one episode after the next to rest my too full head. In between, we’ve a hockey tournament in Windsor where, despite a broken collar-bone, we’re driving back and forth to take in the games. In a few hours, we’re off the the championship game then taking Bones to riding. Last night, we even managed to make it to a family party and the Santa Claus parade where there was nothing more relaxing than an entertaining night out with friends to lift your spirits!

While there are so many things to do that I can’t quite wrap my head around where to start…at the moment, I’ve a blanket across my lap, a dog beside me, and Bones just put a cup of tea next to the two dozen red roses my parents dropped off this week as a celebration for me…actually…sending a book to print and reaching a lifelong goal!

My life at the moment is nothing short of exhausting, exhilarating and pretty freakin’ exciting…but for now, I’m just going to sit.

Try to rest my brain…before Monday comes again.

PS – If any of you have any idea where I can sell my books, do a book signing, market myself, etc…etc… send me an e-mail and I’ll look at it tomorrow! For now, I’m just going to sit!