She was three the first time I had my eyebrows waxed and as I walked into our little apartment, without missing a beat, she excitedly, with a great amount of exaggerated three-year-old energy announced, “MOMMY, I LOVE your eyebrows!!”

A little taken back that she even noticed, I smiled my Mommy smile and simply said, “Thank you sweetie” while she continued hopping up and down excitedly then blurted out, “I LOVE the way they make you look surprised!”

Not exactly the look I was going for!

Yesterday, I dropped into Mudwraps to Manicures to meet with my friend, Red, about their Customer Appreciation Day and Coffee House on December 17th.  As thrilling as this is for me, they’ll also be hosting my book launch and signing as part of their event! (Please join us from 6-9.)

As our meeting finished, Red took a moment to throw a little wax on my eyebrows (as friend’s with Spas do!) Moments later, as I was sitting in the parking lot checking my messages and texts, I sent a snap chat to The Tall Blonde with the comment, “new eyebrows” to which she immediately snapped back, “I love the way they make you look surprised!”

She knows me well…makes me laugh, has been my constant companion for almost 22 years and it’s for these, and many more reasons, that I asked her to write the Foreword of my book.

She’s also obviously, incredibly observant which is why later that day, while I was busy delivering books, she sent a text to say, “You spelled Foreword in the book wrong!”

There was a time when every little mistake I made would be a huge deal…where I couldn’t laugh at myself, take myself lightly and enjoy a silly moment without feeling like a complete embarrassment and failure.

The Tall Blonde changed that. She lives her life with joy…she’s foolish and fun, she’s a total goofball and takes herself lightly. She works hard, plays harder and has amazing qualities that leave me in awe. I’ve learned much about what it is to live a life with passion…from watching her. I’m honestly so damn proud to be her mom.

I’ll fix the typo with the second printing…or maybe I won’t. As I finished reading her text and grabbed for the book, momentarily panicking and arriving at the page to see if she was telling the truth or just messing with me…

I liked the way it made me look surprised.

6 Replies to “Foreword…”

  1. i like the typo … i think of your blog (and, guessing, your book, too!) as your story as you are moving ahead … so forward instead of foreward seems fitting somehow. 🙂

    • I like it too! I think I’ll keep it. LOL And yes…the book is all about moving ahead. Maybe I can pretend it wasn’t a typo at all!!!

  2. It has more meaning than just a typo,I’m glad you may keep it!! When I see it I will definitely smile and think of my own baby girl! Thanks!!