Home for the holidays…

The other night, sitting at a friend’s house, a discussion came up about taking the kids to see One Direction in Boston and before I knew it, computers were out and tickets were being acquired and I was sitting there with a wee pang of jealousy for not being able to spontaneously do whatever I wanted…whenever I wanted.

But I can’t.

One…because I don’t have the money.  Two…because I don’t have the guts. Three…because I’m not really a fan of One Direction.

Then, yesterday, while the kids were getting ready to head to their father’s for three days…while I was contemplating what I’d do with my time, trying to decide if I’d go out for an evening, catch up on laundry, get the house in order for the new year…a picture popped up on my Facebook feed of a couple of friends, who’d be playing at a pub in St. John’s on Sunday night.

I shared the photo with a status update to my family back home…suggesting they take in the gig…that if I were there I’d definitely go…and maybe they could have a drink for me.

And then…for shits and giggles…I just thought I’d see what a flight would cost if I were more spontaneous and I admit, I’m not sure what took over but next thing you know, I was looking at points, The Tall Blonde was trying to get her shifts covered at work and I’m calling relatives for a spare bed to crash my head and at this exact very moment…I’m typing from my Aunt Bren’s kitchen after a night of visiting…meeting a few new babies, hugging relatives I haven’t seen in a while…a mere six hours after the thought first entered my head.

This afternoon, I’m visiting my Nanny…and not having been here for almost three years, it’s long overdue.

Tonight, I’m heading to Erin’s Pub to take in the amazing sounds of a few of my favorite musical talents, Cory Tetford and Barry Canning. Myself and The Tall Blonde will be joined by a group of cousins to have a few drinks and enjoy one another’s company. There’ll be much laughter…more than enough music…exactly what I need.

Over the next two days, I’ll spend as much time as I can possibly spend with these people I adore.

I’m home.

I’m not sure what forces got us here…whether it was the holidays, missing family, the music or divine intervention…but whatever it is…I’m here.

It looks like 2014 might just be the year where I’ll throw all caution aside…be more spontaneous. Enjoy life…with all the music and the people I love…just a little bit more!

2 Replies to “Home for the holidays…”

  1. Enjoy your spontaneous trip! Such a wonderful time to be in NL 🙂 Give Nan an extra hug from me when you see her………..thrills me just to know she has much loved ones visiting with her 🙂 Squeeze in all that you can………sleep when you get back to Halifax! My niece is a groupie 😀 xo