January sucks…

January sucks.

For starters, if you read my blog for “inspiration, “I’d suggest you press that little x in the corner and back yourself out of here before I’m dragging you down with me!

Thing is…I’ve never been a fan of January. The after-Christmas blues competing with the post-holiday bills and crappy January memories of years ago. The fact that I’m not a morning person made worse by the knowledge that it’s bitter cold out there. My fingers that pain for weeks on end making even picking up a mug of tea…that much harder. And my hip joints…never allowing me to get a full night of sleep without staring at the clock, popping pills and waiting for them to eventually kick in.

Adding insult to injury, in a few days, an overgrown rodent will tell me there’ll be six more weeks of this misery!

On top of that…this month I decided to watch every episode of Breaking Bad which has me a little on edge and constantly looking over my shoulder. You know…in case I’m somehow involved without knowing and there’s a hit on me.

Hot baths aren’t cutting it. Warm scarves, wool coats, fur-lined boots…nothing is taking away the chill and I simply. can’t. get. warm.

It doesn’t help that I spend my time running around in a cold car that for some reason, has drained itself of its battery twice in two weeks and…where am I going but to even colder rinks and freezing barns. Or, that I’ve changed my fuel delivery to a discount provider rather than automatic delivery and have TWICE this winter, accidentally underestimated my usage and woken up to even greater chill!

I need something to warm my bones.

I’ve got nothing.

This last few weeks I’ve seven draft posts written with one complaint after the next as January has this way of dragging me down. I’m fighting against an urge to curl up in a ball beneath the covers of my bed and wait until the sun comes out so I can see my shadow and finally declare that Spring is here!

But wait…in a few days, we’re heading into a month-long celebration of Mushy Love so surely…my mood is bound to improve.


Note: My apologies to all of you who love winter sports and see the joy in every single icicle. I’m just not feeling it at the moment! Hey…I warned you to click that little x!!

7 Replies to “January sucks…”

  1. I am with you! Also the Trinidad girl in me requires warmth, sun and outdoors. Every year near the end of January I get the winter blues.

  2. I am so with you. But there are only 52 days til the first day of spring and I have been counting that down on my white board since the first day of winter (37 days ago). And dont feel bad about underestimating the oil. I am on auto delivery and they managed to not get me filled up before the storm hit on January 2nd and it ran out too. So not impressed. I think we should all be able to skip winter and head south for the 89 days of this season

  3. I hate winter too. If it helps, I got a pair of magic bag slippers for Christmas that you put in the microwave….not that you can walk in the darned things, but your feet would be warm! At least you have a trip to look forward to as a reward for surviving winter. I believe my trip money is being spent on recovering four years of photos from our crashed hard drive! Maybe you should write a post about the importance of backing up!! Ugh! See, winter brings out the complainer in all of us!! Hang in there!