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I don’t watch a lot of TV.

I’m still a die hard Greys Anatomy lover…and adore Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays. I turn the TV on when I go to bed at night…search desperately for a show not knowing any of the programs, then usually settle for Storage Wars where often, I’m asleep before the first lot is revealed.

When hanging out with friends, as they chat about one show after the next of “must sees”…I’ve nothing to add. I don’t know the actors let alone the movies or shows they’re famous for.

Years ago, I never missed an episode of One Life to Live or All My Children…but I stopped watching those shows long before they went off the air as I’d my own soap opera that needed attention.

So…I’m rather surprised that last month, I watched the entire series of Breaking Bad!


That’s FIVE seasons…SIXTY TWO episodes!

I’m completely done. The program has come to an end and I haven’t a sweet clue what happened between Walt and Gretchen or what’s so important about Gus Fring’s Chillean past…but, I’ve watched 278 people die in various ways and I’m pretty sure, if I suddenly found myself at gunpoint in front of the Cartel, I could cook a mean batch of blue meth.

I’m a little uptight…looking over my shoulder. I’m sure that folks are looking for me and that I’ve somehow, unwittingly, gotten myself wrapped up in this crazy drug trade. I see oil trucks driving down the road and figure there are people hiding in them and the regular, ordinary, everyday houses all over our neighbourhood…are looking suspiciously like labs.

I BINGE WATCHED Breaking Bad for an entire month and I have to tell you…it was NOT the smartest thing I’ve done in the last little while but at the same time…it was a bit of an escape from reality…and absolutely, fantastic!


Time for a new series…what’s your favorite show?

6 Replies to “Yo!”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! Is ALL of it on Netflix now? Because *I* am only caught up to the second last season and I NEED TO KNOW!

    I really am rather a “duckies and bunnies” kind of person, but damn that Heisenberg and Jesse! They have me hooked! (see what I did there?) I have avoided any and all news and spoilers. Not easy. I am one determined viewer.

    You will never look at people in line at The Home Depot the same again, will you? Me neither.

    • I’m looking at every single person out there like they’re a criminal! It’s changed me! And I watched some on Netflix…and the rest online.

  2. Have you watched Orange is the New Black on Netflix? It’s a bit graphic, but a great show! Apparently, Season 2 is coming out this year!

    I also watch Sons of Anarchy (LOVE), Game of Thrones (LOVE) and The Walking Dead (through my fingers sometimes).

    • No…no…no…and OMG NO!!!! However, I did watch the first two shows of Walking Dead (through my fingers) and couldn’t take it! The kids have watched the entire thing and love it. I’m thinking Orange is the New Black might be my next series. Now that I’ve seen all of Downton Abby…surely they’ll be comparable! 🙂

  3. Scandal. Loved it! Frivilous in a Grey’s kinda way but with a bit of an edge and a few good twists.

    Homeland. I was hooked from the very beginning. Far more intense… not Grey’s-like at all, but not Breaking Bad paranioia-causing either.