I’ll trade your comment for a cookie…

I’ve been in a slump…but you know that. You’ve been reading…or to be a little more precise…not reading.

I’ve a million posts in draft form (ok…fourteen) that are total crap. I pushed out the one about Breaking Bad but to be honest, I only posted it once on Facebook, never put it on Twitter and considered taking it down as it’s not very good but go figure…folks started commenting on it…so I left it.

A few weeks ago, someone anonymously knocked my writing. Sent me a message saying “I thought a little too much of myself.” They said my “ridiculous ramblings” were annoying and continued to say something about me having the grammar and comprehension of a twelve year old.

I deleted the comment.

But it got in my head.

I considered approving it or telling you all about it, but at the time…I didn’t want to give it any weight. I needed to work through it myself and had I told you, I would have gotten your wonderful comments and encouragement but the thing is…I needed to take a little time…re-evaluate “why” I write. What I get from it. What it means to me.

I know we’re supposed to take the good with the bad and we can’t please everyone. I’ve never claimed to be a fantastic writer but I write from my heart…and sometimes, something pretty decent flows out that I’m rather proud of. Writing is important to me.

So, when someone kicks you where it counts…it kind of hurts.

And one negative comment can totally negate a hundred positive ones.

This last few weeks I’ve been trying to work my way through a bit of a slump…dealing with the Winter blues, an overworked schedule, a new business and a wicked case of the stomach flu. I’ve not been writing much for lack of inspiration and excitement in my life…but also because of that comment…causing a bit of a blow to my confidence.

Every draft I’ve written feels, for lack of a better word…dumb.

But I might be back.

Last night, on walking into the rink for Spiderman’s hockey game…one of the mom’s handed me a package. “These are for you,” she said with a smile.

Oat cakes…dipped in chocolate.

I was momentarily speechless as I took the bag…curious as to why someone I barely knew would be giving me this wonderful gift of homemade cookies and then I remembered…just recently, I’d put a picture on the Curtains Facebook site saying how I was in the mood for oat cakes.

“You read?” I asked…to which she answered “All the time.”

It felt a little surreal as I thanked her for the cookies…thanked her for reading and following…chatted about hockey and her “Cape Breton Oat Cakes” then thanked her once again before taking my seat in the stands to watch the game.

“You’re welcome,” she replied as she laughed and said, “enjoy them with your cup of tea tonight and don’t worry about sharing them with the kids!”

Not everyone likes me. In fact, there’s someone who believes that I think a little too much of myself…someone who took the opportunity to knock me down a few pegs and set me straight. Someone who recognizes my grammar and comprehension for what it is! 🙂 (Or should that be “what they are.”)

It doesn’t matter…because last night…a totally different person made me cookies.

And wonderful, delicious, home-made cookies trump not-so-very-nice comments…any day.

6 Replies to “I’ll trade your comment for a cookie…”

  1. Not to be too Bieber-ish, but let the haters hate (and what, there’s one out of a gazilliion?), you’re awesome! You were always meant to do this!

  2. Sending you one of my favourite quotes; I thought of it when reading your heartfelt words.
    ‘Don’t Take Anything Personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.’
    Miguel Angel Ruiz
    Creative people are often victims of needless suffering.

  3. I can never understand why people feel the need to put others down. If you dont like somethng stop reading. Go on with your life. there is no need to be mean. I love your blog. Always entertaining.

  4. When I read the title of this post, my mind went to a much different place. I pictured a post about how your amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe received lots of comments and that was the meaning of the “trade”. Mary *bleeping* Sunshine, me! 😀

    It makes me sad that someone who clearly doesn’t enjoy your fabulousness would bother visiting (and revisiting, no doubt!) just to rain on your parade. That’s just mean.

    Take the good. Take the bad. Cling to the good. Biff the bad! Breathe. Eat a delicious oatcake (How awesome is *that* reader?!?) and move on! I for one will keep trading *my* comments for *your* cookies! 😉

  5. So glad to hear that you enjoyed your special treat, ignore the haters and continue your great work!