Books and toys…and raising child #3…

The Tall Blonde absolutely devoured every book she could get her hands on, Spiderman loved the bookstores strictly for the Thomas the Tank Engine toys and Bones…well…if I’m to be totally honest I may as well come right out with it…Bones was Child #3!

Thankfully, Bones has an imagination like no one I’ve seen and always, happily, went about playing and keeping herself busy or I don’t know what I would have done! Anything craft related kept her entertained for hours on end…toys were her thing…horse figurines and barns would be set up from one end of the hall to the other. She played…endlessly. Quietly. Sometimes, handing me a puppet so I could place it on my hand and “talk for it”…her laugh would fill every inch of our home! Mostly, she was content inside her wonderful imagination.

I’d marvel at her. Sit back, with cup of tea in hand and watch as she’d play. It’s my greatest desire that she maintains that creative spirit as the years go on.

Tattletales Bookstore is an independent, family owned children’s bookstore that has been around since The Tall Blonde was a wee girl. While they specialize in books, making sure every child can find just the perfect book that’s right for them…they also carry a wide range of fabulous toys, puzzles and puppets for creative, imaginative play.

I’m proud, happy, thrilled…that Tattletales will be carrying my book, Full Speed Ahead. I’d mentioned to a couple of “teacher friends” that my book was now at Tattletales and every single one of them said the exact same thing…they have the best “teacher resources” around, the French section of books is fantastic and they’re happy to work with teachers on special orders to make sure the classroom has everything it needs.

Tattletales is located in Dartmouth at 569 Portland Street, in a section of shops next to Penhorn Mall. It’s filled with books and has a couch where you can curl up to read to your child or settle back with a cup of tea while they enjoy the play area…complete with Thomas The Tank Engine! There are crafts and toys and puppets galore! Something to suit every child’s personality.

You’re guaranteed to find something in store for the Mom who’s trying her absolute very best to make sure that child number one can read before they’re two…in three different languages. The Mom who’s doing a half decent job with child number two…making sure they can spell their name…or at least the first letter…and differentiate between “most” of the colors in the small crayon box. And the Mom with three children or more…who can only hope, beyond hope, that creative play and imagination will prevail!

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  1. You’ve just made me really want to go to Tattletales! I have never been! I am sure Thing 1 & Thing 2 would like it a lot. Next time I am in Dartmouth I am going. That’s it! Decision. Action! 😀

    If I see your book there, I’ll buy a copy.. then instagram it, tweet it, fb it… you know.. the usual! Such is the life of a sharer!

    Nice post!