Weather Bomb…

With tomorrow’s impending “weather bomb” and the multiple comparison’s of it being somewhat like 2004’s “White Juan,” I hauled out my old diary. (And yes, prior to blogging I kept a diary…multiple books filled with one story after the next.)  Here’s what I wrote:

Feb 19th, 04

WOW! We are totally snowed in! Can’t see a thing out the windows since ice and snow have frozen to the screens. They say there’s 25cm out there with another 25 left to come down! We are in the middle of a blizzard…I’m in the middle of stripping wallpaper off the bathroom walls  (a project I took on yesterday that I probably shouldn’t have!) All this going on…and Spider-Man’s crying because he wants to invite a friend over.

The way I see it…the blizzard is inside and out!

Later that day…

YUCK! I just shovelled for 45 minutes and only have the front path done! They’ve declared a state of emergency!! 58cm down in Shearwater and lots of people without power…thank goodness that’s not us…but, I should probably gather up candles, matches and batteries just in case.

The children have convinced me to put on an Oriental Party Pack for lunch. Sounded easy, so I obliged.

J is in Miramichi and the storm is only just getting started in Moncton. So…that means he won’t be making it home…and I’m doubtful if he’ll make it home tomorrow.

I’m getting used to this “single mom” thing.

6:00 pm

What a day! 68 cm of snow and it’s still blowing and coming down. The shovelling I did was useless. It looks like I wasn’t even out there.

The children have had moments of quiet and TV watching…and others where I thought the fighting and screaming wouldn’t end.

So far we’ve retained power. My fingers are crossed.

Pumpkin has taken to using the front deck as there’s so many snow drifts her short little legs can’t get through!

Maybe I’ll open a bottle of wine.

They just cancelled school again for tomorrow and have ordered a curfew from 11pm to 7am!

Feb 20, 04

80cm! AMAZING! It’s the most snowfall in one day EVER in Nova Scotia.

I just finished shovelling and am in for a coffee break. Will be going back out again shortly…just as soon as I catch my breath.

The Tall Blondes’ birthday party is tomorrow…hopefully I’ll be shovelled out by then!!

Yesterday, I had an hour and a half of pure stress! The Tall Blonde went to run the bath for “the littles,” only to discover we’d no hot water. I went downstairs and sure enough, the furnace wasn’t running. The breaker was fine. Fuses were fine. I put in a service call but was told it would be multiple hours…if at all that day!

An hour of stress, multiple phone calls and finally I found my neighbour. He came in and hit the reset button on the furnace and there was a shudder, a loud crack and a huge puff of smoke! He hit the breaker and called the serviceman. After explaining our dilemma they decided there might be a snow drift against the exhaust and sure enough, a bit of shovelling later, and the furnace turned back on. All was well.

Later that day…

J finally arrived home! Final snow count…95cm.

Ahhh…those were the days. It’s funny…to read the way things used to be. Ironically, today, I was thinking how it sucked to be a single Mom facing this storm alone…seems I’ll be able to handle whatever comes my way!

Here’s hoping the power stays, the furnace doesn’t break, and there’s an Oriental Party Pack in the freezer.

Now…off I go to strip some wallpaper…and make sure I’m stocked up on wine.

3 Replies to “Weather Bomb…”

  1. This is really great! I love diaries!

    I was here for this big storm in 2004 and have the cute pictures of a teeny Thing 1 to prove it – and I *cannot* believe I am here for another doozie today! Oy!

    Now you have a fun place to revisit those old journal entries. What a fun blog post “series” that could be!