For the boys…

The end of the hockey season always leaves me a little wanting.

Wanting to get the gear smell out of my car. Wanting to throw my check book back in the junk drawer ’til next season. Wanting to run from the final tournament that went on far too long to be worth enjoying anymore. Wanting to empty my pockets of various un-won 50/50 tickets and tournament passes. And wanting to toss the rink blanket and boots aside in exchange for flip-flops and a beach towel.

After the end of a hockey season, I’m usually left wanting to ditch my “hockey mom” persona…if just for a little while.

But this time…it ended too soon.

It didn’t quite register in my head that this weekend was “Provincials”…and that Provincials meant the end of the year. While a win would have been awesome…to be honest, it felt pretty amazing just to be there.

Earlier in the season, Spider-Man’s injury threw us for a loop. Eleven weeks out with a broken collar-bone equated to him missing two-thirds of the season…a fair bit…especially if you add up the dollars! Regardless, I sat in the rink…game after game…cheering on a group of boys I didn’t know all that well…but came to admire. Teammates who, despite not being on the ice, encouraged my son through his recovery and return to the game.

Making it through Regionals and into Provincials was an extension of the season…allowing extra practices and games to be added to the schedule.

But it wasn’t enough.

A fabulous parent group, a year without politics, a wonderful team of boys full of respect and character…caring and competent coaches…it’s leaving me wanting.

Wanting for just a few more games. A few more pucks in the net and a few more saves. A few more face offs, penalty shots, hat-tricks, hits and rebounds. I’d put up with a few more cold rinks to watch this hard-working, dedicated, energetic team. A few more cheers, a couple of extra hours with the parents I just spent the last several months with…one or two more moments where the passion on the ice could be felt in the stands.

Congratulations to the Halifax West Boy’s Hockey Team for giving us an amazing year! They should be incredibly proud of how they played…how they represented their school, their team, their coaches, parents and themselves.

Congrats to the grade 12 players who, this weekend, played their final High School game with passion and determination. I look forward to seeing great things from each of them…and hope they continue to cheer on the Warriors…when they lace up again next year.

For The Boys.

6 Replies to “For the boys…”

  1. And that’s the kind of teams that particular coach develops. My family was fortunate to be part of his teams for many years and the hockey family we formed because of it left a lifetime of friendships. It is ever so poignant now as one of our “family” is suffering through cancer.

    • Sorry Kim! It’s always a challenge when we see someone we care about going through a tough time! I’m thinking of you.

  2. “Respectful” and “hockey” really can be used in the same sentence, can’t they?

    This is a lovely tribute to your son’s team.

    They sound like a bunch of good guys!

    • They sure can be used in the same sentence! I’ve met some wonderful young men through hockey over the last few years. It’s wonderful to see.

  3. This is incredibly sweet. It leaves me nostalgic for a time yet to come for me. Congrats to your son’s team!

    • It still somewhat surprises me that hockey has become such a part of my life…considering I never grew up with the game! As long as your kids love it…you’ll love it too!