The anniversary of the day…

Today is the anniversary of the day a crazy lady showed up at the church wearing a disco ball tam on her head. When two elderly women, who were supposed to be seated at the same table, refused to be anywhere near one another for reasons I now understand. When my brother forgot to thank a few key people in his speech…and did his best to make up for it later on!

It’s the day that my Poppy called me in the morning with the most amazing advice for the future. The day both Nan O’Dea and Nan Coady looked young and wonderful and healthy and so unbelievably beautiful. The day Grandmother John smiled her glorious smile and welcomed me into her family.

It’s the day I watched my mom pin a boutonniere to my fathers lapel as I stood in awe at the great amount of love between them. The day my Dad walked me down the aisle and exclaimed, just before we entered the church, that it wasn’t too late to call it all off.

Today is the anniversary of the day I wore that amazing dress and fancy gold shoes. The day I poked a silver dollar in its bodice…the same silver dollar that my mother pinned to her dress on her day, thirty years before. The day I wrapped the lace that my great-grandmother tatted…around my fragrant bouquet.

Today is the anniversary of the time when so many family members came from away to help celebrate. When I fought with The Tall Blonde about wanting to put ringlets in her crazy hair…and she won. When she wanted to wear her Disney Cinderella dress as she walked down the aisle…and I won.

Today is the anniversary of the day I ate the most horrific waldorf salad imaginable.

It’s the anniversary of the morning that I woke up in my girlfriend’s house and drank orange juice and champagne before heading out to get my hair done. The day one of my bridesmaids taped gravol to the inside of her long white gloves for fear of throwing up. The day after my friend Dan mooned me from the living room window.

Today is the anniversary of the day all of our friends danced until the early hours…when I took a moment from the party to curl up on the couch with The Wee Strawberry Blonde who, exhausted, and finally in her princess dress, needed a moment and a lullaby to help close her eyes. Where I was one of the very last to leave and realized I’d forgotten a coat…so wore my denim jacket atop my beautiful gown.

Today is the anniversary of my wedding.

A day I can remember with fondness for the family and friends who surrounded me and wished me well…who supported me then…and continue to support me now.

A day that held great hope for the future…that I’d dreamt of from the time I was a little girl, that was every bit as exciting and full of chaos as I thought it would be, that I’d planned right down to the very last second…right down to believing that it would last forever.

There are many, many reasons to feel sad today but instead…I’ll look at the moments that make me smile. I still believe in marriage…I believe in family…I believe that sharing your life with someone you love is worth all the crazy…worth all the hard work that it takes to get through the tough times and enjoy the happy days.

Today, I can honestly say after all I’ve been through, that someday…I’d like to do it all again. Someday, I’d like to share my life with someone who shares the same beliefs that I do.

Someday, this won’t be the anniversary…I know by heart.

13 Replies to “The anniversary of the day…”

  1. Wonderful memories. Again brought a tear to my eye and this one is definitely in the top 100 for the next book!!

  2. This is beautiful. I was thinking of you today. Those really are some great memories of that day. I was so honoured (and terrified…hence, the gravol) to have been a part of something so glamorous. I’m certain that you have more beautiful memories to come.

    • I’m not sure how glamourous it was…other than the fact I make sure everyone calls me Queen! (The gravol was my favourite part!!!)

  3. Always an amazing writer and an amazing person to be able to keep all those special/feel good memories.

    • Thank you Susan. I had something else written at first…then thought I’d look at the positive side! 🙂

  4. This is lovely.

    I admit it made me cry a little bit, but then I just felt such hope.

    You are a lovely writer. Don’t stop.


  5. This is so beautiful Colleen. I’m proud of you for being at the place where THIS is what you choose to remember from that day. Because these are the memories you deserve to hold onto. Love you.

  6. This brought tears to my eyes….and made me laugh (the two grannies!) but it also gave me the memory of how in awe I was of you on that day. The memory of that dress still makes me smile. That day made my family bigger and better. xoxo

  7. What lovely thoughts. So proud of how you’ve moved steadily towards this positive place. I know it wasn’t easy; indeed it was darn tough at many of the junctures. But here you are able to look fondly at that day. Very speical for sure.

  8. I stumbled across this today and it definitely brought tears to my eyes. Today would have been my 15th wedding anniversary and instead of a trip to Paris, I am getting a divorce instead. It helps knowing others are going through this- can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  9. Thank you, Colleen, this post really shred light on what courage I have to take to stop something before it’s too late.