Recharging while Binge Watching on Netflix…

Gone are the days where the Thursday night line-up was a thing. Where we’d wait all week for the next episode of our favourite shows…discussing it over the water coolers in the morning…anxiously awaiting the next seven days.

I stopped watching TV many years ago…choosing instead to throw myself into social media and online videos. I’ve watched many a show on my computer when there’s something I wanted to see but happened to miss the date it aired. I still keep a TV, but it’s a “smart TV”…and it’s not quite watched the way it used to be.

This weekend, through two rainy days where I’d little to do…the kids wrapped up in their various activities then off to their father’s on Sunday…I turned to Netflix where I’d been anxiously awaiting just the very right moment to myself…and binge watched ALL THIRTEEN episodes of Orange is the New Black’s Season Two!

Honestly, I can’t imagine watching it one episode at a time! One week at a time! There’s something amazing about finding yourself a free weekend where you can step out of “mom mode” for awhile…and blow through an entire season of an amazing show.

Last winter, I watched the entire series of Breaking Bad and got so wrapped up in it, I was looking over my shoulder in case the mob was after me! And, after this weekend, if there’s ever a chance I end up in jail, I’ve all the tools I need to help me fit in! (As in…Netflix sent me a fabulous package this week that included a screwdriver!)

Orange is the New Black Season Two DID NOT disappoint…nor did Breaking Bad when I binge watched it…nor did Mad Men. Watching an entire series from beginning to end totally suits me…it’s an escape from everything else going on around me! Time to 100% relax…do something for myself…let my brain unload from everything else around me and recharge my batteries.

There’s something about not caring about anything else around you…and totally getting lost. Far be it for me to say it’s “almost like reading a book”…but I gotta tell ya’…it’s almost like reading a book! You get totally absorbed in the characters…totally into spending the weekend with them from the very first episode right to the last. It’s like I decided to spend an entire weekend wrapped up in a blanket with a glass of wine and a new novel…whiling away an entire two days…getting completely absorbed…not wanting the last chapter to end. Almost like a book…as in…nothing like a book at all with the exception that I just spent the entire weekend totally absorbed in these people’s lives…their feelings…their problems…their joys and heartaches. Like a book…just on screen!

I’m not interested in blowing every weekend but once in a while…it’s exactly what I need!

What’s next? I’m thinking Suits…Friday Night Lights…so many choices. What do you recommend?


Disclaimer: Curtains are Open is part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with Netflix, however, all opinions are my own. 

2 Replies to “Recharging while Binge Watching on Netflix…”

  1. I have spent many hours binge watching Netflix too! I’m currently watching Call the Midwife…it’s great! I haven’t had a chance to catch up on Orange is the New Black yet!

  2. Definitely Friday night lights! It’s the best show that no one has ever seen! Suits was disappointing to me… I know some people love it though.