Applehead Studios…

I could tell you a whole lot about Liam and Steph, of Applehead Studios…except the thing is, they’re so darn busy they can’t answer my email questionnaire.

So…I’m going to make a few things up.

Liam, somewhere in his late thirties or early forties is a force to be reckoned with. A couple of tats and facial hair that he doesn’t quite seem to know what to do with, comfortable in jeans and converse…he’s a creative…with a passion for photography. Liam started out in drugs. Selling them. Well…to be clear it was pharmaceuticals…like a drug rep dude who wore a suit and travelled around to doctors offices. I can’t picture it…in any way. On the weekends, apparently he crashed weddings and took pictures until eventually…he ditched the corporate gig and just took pictures. And by “just”…I have to say, his photos are simply amazing. Liam is the dad of two girls who adore him. Or at least it looks that way on Instagram.

Steph is a little more of a closed book than Liam. I got nothing. She’s the talent behind the magic…she can make Photoshop sing and can hold lighting equipment like nobodies business! She went to school for photography at NSCC and knows all of the same instructors that I do. She was probably there during my first year in Graphic Design and we probably even had classes next to one another…but we’d never met. She’s pretty…quite in fact. And seems to have a way of putting Liam in his place which is probably a fairly good working relationship. Together they seem to make one helluva team but honestly, I only met them twice and it’s possible they can’t stand each other. Who knows…they didn’t answer my questions!

What they did do…was take our pictures…amazingly. They had my kids immediately charmed and comfortable…not that I have uncomfortable kids…it’s just that there’s always an oddness to having family photos done and there was absolutely, in no way, anything strange or odd about spending time with Applehead Studios.

Anyway…here are the photos. I’m thrilled with them…they suit us. When I met with Liam initially he took notes, got a feel for who I was and what my family is about…then together we picked the location and he made magic happen. He customized a shoot just for us…and he will for your family as well. Honestly…phone him. These pictures are priceless.

THANK YOU Liam and Steph for capturing my crazy family. For making one of the shots look like a movie poster…for making our noble beast look absolutely perfect…for having us stand against that wall and have balloons pelted at us…for spending a few hours with us and having our pictures back in record time, fixing the few things I wanted fixed and having them back in record time again.

Book Applehead for your next photoshoot…headshots, wedding photos (they’re the best), a day in the woods with your family…whatever works. You won’t be disappointed!

18 Replies to “Applehead Studios…”

  1. You are such a freakin’ cool mom…. and you make beautiful babies 🙂

    • I believe Liam at Applehead said I was “badass!”

      And thank you Heather…I’m a little smitten with them.

      So awesome to have these photos that show really who we are.

  2. Simply perfect! Well done to the photographers… And, well, you are a gorgeous family anyway, but well done to you too. The water ones are definitely my favs! <3

    • Thanks Tina! The water ones were a lot of fun. I’m going to put them on all on personal FB page for the family to see them all! So funny!

  3. The photos are AMAZING!! These photographers captured you guys perfectly and I love them – especially the water ones!!! Awesome!! I would love to see what they could do with my two 🙂

    • Thank you! I really love them as well. You should definitely book a session with them. I was quite blown away by their creativity.

  4. Those are some awesome pics! I might be looking for some….and I really like the style!

    • Aren’t they fun Jess! I quite like their style as well. You should give them a call…I’m sure they’d have a field day with your little ones.

  5. Oh my gosh! What a fantastically fun and creative photo shoot! Love the personalities! What a treasure!

  6. Colleen this photos are AMAZING!! I can’t believe how rich the colors are. Beautiful family, you all look so happy!

    • I think they specialize with light Virginia. They really did a lot with lighting while we were there (and I’m sure boosted it with photoshop later). The one in the bunker we all had to stay very still and they lit each of us one at a time…with a different look. It was a pretty cool process.

  7. I seed this is an old post but I’ll comment anyway. Twins? or just very very close in age? The pics are very well done.