You guys are AWESOME!

Sometimes…I don’t think you’re paying attention. I throw out a question or comment on social media and you can almost hear a pin drop.

(Here’s the sound of a pin dropping.)

Point is…nothing…nada…zip…zilch!

I may get a like…a share…a comment or two…but that’s about it.

Apparently, however, the problem is ME! I’m asking the wrong questions.

The right questions? OBVIOUSLY they have to do with CHEESE ’cause the other day, I asked about your favourite kind of cheese and EVERYONE has been weighing in!

So I made a bar chart.

CHEESE, it seems, is an incredibly important topic to the readers of Curtains are Open! Folks have definite opinions about which type is the best and there were specific references to Foxhill Cheese, Dutchman’s Cheese…and more specifically, Dutchman’s Dragon’s Breath Blue which I admit, is a favourite of mine as well.

And of course, there were the hilarious comments of “on pizza” and “cake” in answer to the “My favourite kind of cheese is _____” question…which were ironically both made by cousins of mine…which just goes to show how sarcasm runs in the family!

Me…I’m quite smitten with Cheese! On a tray. With fancy meats. And breads. And a good pepper jelly. Shared with friends over a glass of wine!

Years ago, when visiting Cows Creamery in PEI, I had a full tour of their cheese making factory and learned all about the process of cheese making and as luck would have it, you can buy Cows Cheese at your local SuperStore! (This I know because they dropped me off a block of Applewood Smoked Cheddar last week and I nommed it all up!)

Anyway, I’m going to continue to talk about all the things I talk about on a regular basis on this blog…and you can continue to comment and like and share….

And every now and then I PROMISE…I’ll throw in a little post about Cheese!

In the meantime, continue to make comments on my posts…follow me on Twitter (make sure to Re-Tweet when you like something), follow me on Facebook (like, share and comment so Facebook will share it with more of my readers)…and…find me on Pinterest, Instagram and Google +! I promise in all of these places, I will continue to share with you the cheesiest of stories!

Disclaimer: The product mentioned above was provided free of charge along with a bag of other “local” goodies. I was not obligated to feature any of them. All opinions are those of Curtains are Open.

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