Dean’s Flowers…

There was a time, when the room was filled with row after row, pot after pot, of fragrant flowers. A simpler time, when beautiful buds couldn’t be shipped from warm climates the way they can today…when owning a greenhouse was the only way to have fresh-cut flowers available for your home.

Arthur Dean began growing flowers in his Stanley Street greenhouse, in 1919.

Today, what was once his greenhouse, is an amazing store filled with one delight after the next…owned by my dear friend, Holly Winchester…carrying on the traditions of Dean’s Flowers…in a modern way.

Holly is an artist in her own right. Her paintings, her jewellery, her eye for beautiful things…can be seen throughout the store.

She knows flowers (you should see the amazing gardens at her home) and makes the most beautiful bouquets you can imagine. As an added bonus, they also own Goody Baskets…making beautiful gourmet baskets for every occasion. In fact at Christmas, the basement is filled with a great many people who arrive every December…all getting baskets ready, joking with one another and putting in a full days work…sort of like a group of elves!

Until a few weeks ago…I’d never been to Deans. I’d heard of it. Ordered flowers from their store. But…never stepped foot inside.

And it amazed me.

This large location was filled with multiple pretty things that caught my eye. Beautiful baskets, amazing lamps, hand printed scarves, beaded jewellery…stuff and things…mixed in among plants and flowers.

The North End of Halifax is going through some fantastic changes…new restaurants, unique shops, amazing pubs…while at the same time…some things are standing the test of time.

Like Dean’s…in the very same spot, for 90+ years.

Follow Dean’s Flowers on Twitter and Facebook or visit their website…AND check out Goody Baskets…absolutely perfect for every occasion.

OR…do what I did…drop by 6025 Stanley Street and take a little time to browse around. (While you’re there, say hello to my friend Holly…she’s an even bigger delight than her fabulous store!)


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2 Replies to “Dean’s Flowers…”

  1. I’ve never stopped in… now I will 🙂 Our long winters demand fresh flowers.