Painting Zucchini…by Halifax artist, Lisa Sullivan

A number of months back, a friend posted a photo of a painting on social media with the comment, “Let me know if this looks like your dog?” and I was all “HEY…is that Zucchini!?”

And it was.

My amazingly talented friend Lisa, painted my noble beast…posted it for all to see…then dropped by for a visit and a cup of tea while delivering the 18×24 oil painting as a wonderful surprise.

Lisa has always amazed me. As teens, growing up in Halifax, I was enamoured by her talent. It didn’t surprise me when she headed off to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design to pursue her Fine Art Degree, graduating in 1993.

In Lisa’s words, “The majority of my paintings have been large abstracts using colour and bold paint strokes allowing the act of painting to become the viewers experience.”

I’d written about Lisa before, in 2010, after visiting her farm and learning all about living simply and home steading. Lisa, her husband Brendan and their two children, are living large on an exquisite farm in Windsor, NS…art and nature surrounds them.

The farm…the reason for the change in Lisa’s painting style, “with moving to the country, building a small hobby farm and in the throes of parenthood, my art has transitioned. I am surrounded by nature and all the lovely animals on our farm. A whimsical expression on one of our many animal’s faces bring me so much joy every day.”

“The animal portraits are large, giving importance to a domestic farm animal. All my animals clearly have personality, they are part of our family after all.”

Lisa works from photos and paints in oil. Her paintings average between $300 and $400 for a 16×20 canvas.

The pictures I’ve posted don’t in any way do justice to the actual paintings which are full of texture and movement…painted in layers…capturing exquisite details…truly works of art!

To commission Lisa to paint one of her beautiful farm animals or your family pet, you can email

I’m positively thrilled to have an original painting of my own…of my favourite noble beast…by my talented noble friend.


2 Replies to “Painting Zucchini…by Halifax artist, Lisa Sullivan”

  1. She is very talented! Love her paintings!

    My brother is an artist as well. I’d love to learn to paint but I don’t think I have the talent. hehe!