Keeping up with High School… Netflix #StreamTeam

Remember high school? The drama of deciding what to wear every day? Having to walk through the doors with a brand new haircut…knowing you’ll be judged? The recent breakup that just won’t go away?

Remember all of the foolishness with friends…pitting one against another? Remember not getting chosen in class? The teacher you liked…the one you couldn’t understand? Failing tests? Too much homework and late night phone calls? The drama of who likes who and how you’re not allowed to like someone who someone else already likes even if you really like them?

It seems like yesterday…but I’m 30 years away from when it all took place. Except now…it’s kinds of all back in my face again and I’m reminded on a daily basis what it’s all about.

My kids are in grades 9 and 11 and while each of them are manoeuvring their way through the teen years a little bit differently than I had…I’m reminded, that nothing has changed. Breakups, friendships, drama, laughter…the music…the foolishness…it’s still the way it was when I went through it!

I’m quick to think, “don’t be so ridiculous” when told of a situation they deem as important…but the thing is…it IS important. The things going on in their lives…despite how trivial they may seem to me as a grown up…are every bit as important as what’s going on in my life. The scales are different…but the feelings are the same.

Just watch Glee for a moment and you’ll see!

No seriously…have a look.

Teens trying to make it. Trying to wade through all the crap that’s going on. Trying to fit in and find their place. Trying to get on the school committees they like, the teams they want, the clubs they’re interested in. The social anxieties…the feelings of being alone. The crushes…the disappointments. Life lessons while they’re finding their way in the world.

And there’s the laughter. The fun. The hilarity of spending time with your friends for multiple hours on end. Hanging out in the evenings. Planning the weekends. New licenses. New freedoms. New independence. It’s the parties and the sports teams and just hanging out…having a blast. Driving around with a car full of friends…stopping at McDonald’s for a snack…spreading your wings a little further from the watchful eyes at home.

This weekend, home with a sinus infection and curled up on the couch with my dog…I turned to Netflix and whiled my time away watching Glee as part of the Netflix #StreamTeam’s Back to School month. While the drama was sometimes over the top and ridiculous…it reminded me that High School and the Teen years is EXACTLY that…full of drama and over the top.

The ease and comfort of Summer is one month over. We’re deep into the school year…tryouts, studying, tests, friends…and it’s time to check back inside my kids’ heads and keep up with what’s going on.

Now, if only I had the time to choreograph a dance routine and find the right song to let my kids know that I “get it”…I’ve been there…I totally understand.


Disclaimer: Curtains are Open is part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with Netflix, however, all opinions are my own. 

Spend a bit of time watching Netflix with your kids…use is to start a conversation, to learn, to see what’s going on in their lives. (Or just watch it yourself to get a bit of a break from them…whatever works!)


One Reply to “Keeping up with High School… Netflix #StreamTeam”

  1. “Now, if only I had the time to choreograph a dance routine and find the right song …”

    Seriously, you need to come to Zumba. 🙂

    Great post! Glee is a good one. There are a lot of very touching moments through the years – sometimes you have to wade through an exorbitant amount of drama to get to the nuggets, but that, too, is a reflection of life, no?

    Fun post!