Bathroom art…

Last week, I took my house off the market…which sucks a little, as I was really ready to downsize and find something a little more suitable for our family at the moment (ie; something just right for me!) However, the market isn’t all that fantastic so, it turns out, I’m going to enjoy my house a little longer until things pick up.

Bonus…I get to work in this awesome office a little more which absolutely THRILLS me! AND…I get to love my fabulous bathroom a bit longer as well.

Yup…my bathroom. Besides my office, it’s my fav room in the house for the simple reason, it’s filled with all sorts of things that I love!

Like…the Queen sign and Rubber Duck…both given to me by my good friend Little One…aka Flat Lara. A favourite Hockey Photo of my boy when he was a whole lot smaller (I have no idea who the other kid is but he’s adorable as well!) The tiny piece of art I purchase when we went to visit Sacre Coeur and Montmartre…this beautiful little place that had me walking the cobblestone streets…the very same streets that so many artists had walked before.

This “Pipe Cleaner Horse…made by Bones…that’s amazing…simply because the imagination of children is ASTOUNDING!

My Tiara…given to me by my God Father when I was just a little girl…which PROVES that I’m actually a Queen (for all of those nay sayers out there!)

There’s also the “Jack Daniel’s” soap dispenser that I totally made myself and I’d give you the directions on how to make one (’cause people LOVE DIY projects), but to be perfectly honest…I may have been a little slizzed when I made it and totally forget the directions!

And also…there’s my “Best of the Coast Best Blogger Awards”…ummmm…where else am I going to hang them? (Oh…and in case you haven’t voted for the 2014 awards yet, you can do that here until October 1st. It may be a tiny bathroom, but believe me, there’s plenty of room on the wall for more!)

Then there’s THIS wall…

Proudly displaying the beautiful monster drawings of Aiden Reed…drawn as be battled his way through Leukemia. (Last I heard, 3,000 of his wonderful monster drawings were sold…which helped out Aiden’s family during his treatments.)

My very favourite…”The Rules” which were actually “rules” written out by Bones when she had a clubhouse many years ago…that work perfectly well as rules for the bathroom especially numbers 6, 7, 8, 13 and 15. Oh…who am I kidding…they’re all important rules for a bathroom!

Under the window, there’s a Linocut from one of my favourite classmates, Aziza. And yes…that’s a crow on her head!

There’s also this wonderful piece of art that my brother made for me many years ago. He created these fabulous “flowers” from antique door knobs…and pounded out the beautiful leaves in a blacksmith course he took!

On that flower art is where Flat Lara hangs out…when she’s not travelling with me that is.

As we continue the bathroom tour, there’s this wall…

That includes a drawing Bones made of horses (sitting on top of the frame is a hunk of a telephone pole from the accident my kids had been in a few years ago). There’s a sign I get a kick out of, a linocut that I made (notice the distinct difference between the one I made and the one my friend Aziza made…who truly is an amazing artist) and a photo of street signs from NY…where I went with a group of friends for my 40th birthday.

Moving along…there’s the wall that holds two wonderful photos of a toy fireman. One, from a time when he lived in my bathroom…the other, a photo of his retirement in Florida.

On the counter…I keep my Knights helmet…for when I meet him.

A sign…to keep everyone in line.

And a sink full of rocks.

This tiny bathroom is filled with things I love…treasures that really have no where else to go but seem to fit perfectly in this wonderful red room.

So for now, I’ll enjoy them a little longer…maybe I’ll add a few more to the collection…and while I’m at it, continue to wonder why people take so long to go to the bathroom when they visit my home!


4 Replies to “Bathroom art…”

  1. Oh my goodness Queen! I don’t think I have this much art work in my whole house. I’ll have to visit your bathroom for inspiration 🙂

  2. I LOVE it! It looks great! I am decorating after our move and this gave me inspiration.

  3. Umm… #15 would make things a little bit tricky. Unless the rules apply only to people who are not you.. in a “do as I say not as I do” (do).. way. 😀

    I love your bathroom! The kids’ art is awesome!

    Please explain the sink full of rocks!

    I voted. 🙂