If you recall, last year I had the amazing opportunity to head to WeDay with my youngest, Bones.  We were overwhelmed by the energy in the room as thousands of students chanted and cheered for change.

WeDay is all about inspiring young people to make a difference whether it be in their own backyards or around the world. Throughout HRM, various We Clubs exist within our schools, and these clubs are working together on multiple causes. Educating our young people is the key…asking them to help, is making a huge impact…celebrating their successes, is WeDay.

While WeDay is one amazing day of celebration and inspiration (coming again to Halifax on November 28th), Telus has created an app called We365, to keep the spirit and energy going the entire year!

I’m a solid 25 years over their target audience, however, I downloaded the app to check out what’s going on and it’s incredibly well done. Young folks sign up, choose their causes and begin connecting with like-minded youth through challenges and conversations. On top of that, they’re able to track their volunteer hours (fantastic for IB students) and, they can start groups to focus on various social issues they care about.

It’s an entire movement of doing good for others. Of lifting others up!

As parents, we’re constantly dealing with technology and apps that cause us to have to investigate a little further…see if it’s a right fit for our children…if the technology meets our ever-watchful eye. I’ve spent the last week checking out We365 and I have to tell you, this app is empowering. It allows our children to explore issues and make a difference. They give their opinions, their points of view…they post photos and accept challenges for change…they empower one another.

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download We365 and check it out for yourself and your kids. I’m sure you’ll be just as impressed as I am.

Our youth…they’re changing our world by shifting their thinking, from Me…to We.